best in class | back to school finds for your littles

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Going back to school was always one of my favourite times of the year. I wasn't super stoked about the actual school part, but as someone who's always loved shopping, the end of summer meant only one thing to me: an epic shopping trip. Since I had an older sister most of my clothes were hand-me-downs, so I lived for this trip. This was the one chance all year to get clothes that were actually just for me. This was the one opportunity where I could go all out with fully accessorized outfits. This was one time where I could shop at my favourite stores, guilt-free. This was my moment. These clothes weren't worn-out or dated or stamped with my sister's style - they were mine. Aaallll mine...



the a-list | back-to-school style staples they (and you) will absolutely love

via H&M

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Those 3 little words. Back. To. School. Dun, dun, dunnnn. After the Best. Summer. Ever, it’s a pretty tough pill to swallow. But as I've learned over a lifetime of shopping, fashion makes everything better. Whether you're sending your little one off to JK for the first time (sniff), or getting your pre-teen prepped for a stellar first impression at her new school, you can't underestimate the power of a perfect first day outfit. From fun shirts to perfectly distressed jeans to shoes that can handle the perils of the playground, we've got your kid covered. 

Read on for the back-to-school staples they (and you) will absolutely love...



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That Jacket  | Can't Buy Me Love 1987

She may be too young for that reference (and for sure won't be spilling anything more offensive than chocolate milk on this one) but my 1980's tween heart stopped when I saw this outfit at H & M - and naturally purchased. Amanda Peterson in all her fringed glory - stalking off into the sunset on the mower with McDreamy. That jacket would have made all those angsty sweaty teen dances just so much better. She's more thinking it's perfect for the Taylor Swift concert (and she wouldn't be wrong) but since I searched my whole life for this jacket and was unsuccessful, I feel like a quest has been completed. Full. Circle.

I love it when a plan comes together. 

(All pieces H&M for Girls 8 - 14Y)

H & M Biker Jacket $29.95

H&M Tiered Skirt $19.95

H&M Fringed Boot $29.95

H&M Shoulder bag $14.95


gold star | @jcrew

Snurk Ballerina Bedding via crewcuts $94 USD plus shipping

I see no alternative but to buy this bedding for her. And this dress. And the shoes (you get the picture). Crewcuts you have entirely derailed my morning. I haven't been watching red carpets and awards shows lately - I have no idea what Whiplash is about, but I can tell you that if she needs to be red carpet ready, we're covered on the gold front. (Admittedly the gold jumpsuit is for if she's going to be hanging out with North West in SoBe, but you had to see it - certainly not for the sandbox). I always think it's bold when Best Actress nominees wear gold dresses to the Oscars, but I can see how you might get sucked in to that shimmer. Guilty. As. Charged. And I think we can confidently say that there will be no tearful Anne Hathaway speeches about that clutch.

Crewcuts Girls Cyprus Sandals $78 USD plus shipping

Crewcuts Girls Golden Shimmer Dress $68 USD plus shipping

Crewcuts Girls Glitter Heart Pajama Set $62 USD plus shipping

Crewcuts Glitter Wristlet Bag $46.50 USD plus shipping

Maan via Crewcuts metallic jumpsuit $210 USD plus shipping


OMGOMGOMG | @bling2o

bling2o Snow Goggles Available Online and at Olly Shoes $50

I know a 3 year old who is going to go mentally insane when she opens her stocking this Christmas morning. I cannot wait for it. THIS is it. The gift they go nuts about. Candy + Ski Goggles = bling2o. And to sweeten the deal - they also make swim goggles. Still searching for a Canadian retailer on those but run don't walk to Olly on Yonge Street. There were 3 pairs left this morning. You're welcome.

Available online (I have yet to find a Canadian retailer to help avoid nasty duty - keep us posted!)