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FALL SHOE REPORT | The Flats, Heels & Boots We Can't Even Wait to Wear

via Marc Fisher

Originally posted in The LOOK

The heart wants what it wants. And when it comes to shopping, my #1 love will always (and forever and ever) be shoes. Shoes are patient, shoes are kind, shoes won't judge you if you've gained an extra 5-10 patio pounds. Shoes are there to support you, to take you where you want to go and make you feel like a bae while you're getting there. My feet have had flings with everything from flats to four-inch heels but I always have a hard time picking a fave. I mean, isn't that what true love is all about? Acceptance, right?

And so, after years of trying to justify my love, I've accepted my fate as a true shoe addict. This fall, I plan on proving my love big-time. I'll pick up a new pair of black patent beauties to add some shine to my day-to-day - I'm currently torn between brogues and ankle boots. I'll go for many long (ideally 10,000-step) romantic walks in new lace-up kicks (I'm thinking red this year). And, of course, super sexy heels are a must for date nights. Meanwhile, this week's piece in Vogue has me contemplating the need for a pair of practical stompers (aka - cocktail boots) that I'll wear to both hikes and hot-ticket parties. If you can believe it, THE shoe of the season (currently sold out & waitlisted everywhere in the States) is Birkenstock's Boston clog. Hmmm. My credit card and I have come to terms with the fact that we'll be investing in shoes for a lifetime. And that's one long-term commitment we're totally willing to make.

I can't feel my face when I'm with shoes. But I love it. I love it. 





SHUT UP & DANCE | 35 Fun Accessories for your Next Formal Fête

via Pinterest

Originally posted in The Fashion Scoop

Let's get something straight: it's not about the dress. Okay, I mean, it's not ALL about the dress. When it comes to the formal fêtes of summer, so many of us put all of our efforts into finding that perfect dress. The dress of our dreams, the frock of our fancies, you know - the ONE. And whether you've found that dress or have yet to track it down, it's a win-win either way. 

Okay, so in scenario 1, you've got Dream Dress hanging in your closet. It might fit you perfectly, hugging your curves in all the right places and when you put it on, you feel like a total bae. Some women stop there. But we've all seen how bad shoes and careless accessorizing can ruin a perfectly pretty dress. It's like wearing a killer suit to a job interview and then carrying your things in a plastic bag. A pair of sleek sandals and Dream Dress-worthy accessories will ensure that your whole look doesn't fall flat on the big day.

How about those of you who have yet to find a perfect dress? Whether it's the fit, the selection or your budget that's messing with your dress shopping success, fear not. You can take a pretty basic little black dress and turn it into something memorable with the right accessories. Try a pair of fun floral pumps and statement earrings and suddenly, that LBD doesn't look so basic anymore.

I've rounded up 35 pretty accessories that will help you bring your A-game, whether you're heading to prom, a wedding or any other fancy fête this season. But first, don't miss this video for the dance moves you'll need to know when you get there. SO good. 




LOUBOUTINS SUCK | Your Under-$150 Spring Shoe Guide

via Bionda Castana

Originally posted in The LOOK

I picked up my first (and only) pair of Louboutins on a whim. I'd been invited to meet the celebrity shoe designer when he was in Toronto for a Christian Louboutin Exhibition at the Design Exchange. For a fashion blogger, this was a major coup. I rifled through my entire shoe collection at home, freaking out because none of my shoes felt worthy of my shoe idol. And then I remembered a $300 gift card I'd been saving. This was happening. 

I left an hour early for Toronto and headed straight for one of my favourite places in the world - the designer shoe department at Holt Renfrew. Surrounded by ladies who lunch and all those gorgeous shoes, I couldn't help myself. I landed on a pair of stunning black and gold spikey-toe pumps and asked to see them in size 9. 'Well, Louboutin only goes up to 39, which is more like an 8, but they will be fine.' They weren't. I knew it. But I figured I'd work them in. Shoes this expensive must mold to your feet, non? Minutes later I'd blown $800 and was walking onto Bloor St. feeling like a boss. 

Nobody wants to admit it. In fact, in certain circles, saying so would be sacrilege. But if you've ever owned a pair of Louboutins, I'm sure you'll agree - they're uncomfortable. No, wait, that's being nice. They're torture chambers. I've talked to dozens of other Louboutin victims who secretly agree.  They might look pretty and you might get some small satisfaction from prancing around the room in your red soles, but after about 6 minutes, the pain sets in. The searing, burning, want-to-rip-your-feet-off pain that makes you leave the party early and never want to wear heels again. And I'm the kind of person who lives in heels. Unless you have abnormally tiny toes, there just isn't enough room at the inn. So, not only does the sky-high pin-sized heel make you feel like you're a giant baby tottering around in your mom's heels, but your feet are simultaneously being suffocated which turns your feet as red as that iconic sole. And then there are the long-lasting effects. No matter how much they hurt, you continue to wear them anyway because of the mountains of guilt - after all, you dropped a whole mortgage payment on them. Okay, let me just come right out and say it - Louboutins suck. 

I love heels. I adore the Holts shoe department and am still willing to spend the occasional paycheque on the perfect designer shoe (Choo > Louboutin all the way). But clearly, I will never buy Louboutins again. And if you suffer shoe envy every time you see those painted red soles - believe me, you are not missing out. 

Now, I get most of my shoe kicks for under-$150 - a great pointy-toe flat at ALDO, a made-in-Brazil beauty at Le Château, or a pair of sporty white tennis kicks from Sportchek or Soft Moc let me stay on trend without destroying my feet or my spring shopping budget. 

Want to step up your shoe game this spring? Check out our guilt-free spring shoe guide, with the coolest little flats and prettiest printed heels for under $150, not a single red sole in sight. Phew. Happy Friday!




SHAKE IT OFF | These 40 Fun Accessories Will Get You in the Mood for Spring

You're lying on a beach...the sun in shining...and breathe....via Valentino

Originally posted in The LOOK

You might not be thinking spring yet. I mean, who can blame you? It's March but it feels less like a march and more like a drag, or a slow, weary slog. And I can't pretend that any footwear other than winter boots makes sense right now. I went to a fashion party in heels the other day, and let's just say my entrance was totally memorable - like, nobody at that party's going to forget me falling on my face on a patch of ice and the contents of my clutch flying all over the sidewalk. Yup, I'm the coolest.

So while I love to dream ahead, today's post is firmly entrenched in the reality of our current Canadian situation. I've picked out 40 fun accessories because you can wear them now to breathe new life into your existing outfits. Bored with your black sweaters? Add a fun necklace. Done with your parka? Add a bright infinity scarf. And that black handbag? Why not switch it up for a pretty blue? Luckily these small but mighty adds will hardly make a dent in your budget while giving your winter wardrobe a mini makeover. 

Consider spring accessories an investment in your end-of-winter mental health. I don't know about you, but I could seriously use a little pick-me-up right about now. Um, or two, or three... (who's counting?)

Happy accessory shopping and a bright and happy March to you!




SPLURGE VS. SAVE | Must-Have Mukluks

Snow day #ootd

Forget severe cold weather alert. I'm talking severe cuteness alert (like how I did that?) thanks to my new best friends at Soft Moc. They sent me some cozy mukluks and mocs to test out and as a non-slipper person, I can tell you that I have been forever changed. Never again will I wear bare feet indoors. Never again will I be content with just socks. Black furry mocs and mukluks have made me forget all about this never-ending polar vortex and now, my favourite off-duty uniform (and on-duty - after all, I'm a work-from-home blogger) consists of black leggings, an oversized black sweater, and my furry black mocs. Sometimes I add a denim shirt to the mix, sometimes a tan cashmere scarf and occasionally I throw on a black wool ball cap when I haven't done my hair and I know the UPS man is coming. The UPS man has become a regular visitor at my house (because of the online shopping of course. Geez.)

I've put together my go-to outfit in splurge vs. save fashion below. The forecast for this weekend? Cozy and cute, no doubt.

ps - I wrote this post before the very sad news of little Elijah in Toronto. #RIPElijah

1. Longer Legging, $24, Roots | 2. L'Oréal Paris Studio Secrets Magic Lumi Concealer, $13, | 3. Cashmere Merino Blend Scarf, $30, Woolovers | 4. CUTE 2 Crepe Sole Rabbit Fur Moccasins, $59.99, Soft Moc | 5. Long Cardigan, $74.95, GAP | 6. 6-Panel Pro Wool Baseball Cap, $9.95, Village Hat Shop.

CUTE 2 Crepe Sole Rabbit Fur Moccasins, $59.99, Soft Moc

1. Kibu Calf Hair Baseball Cap, $59, Danier | 2. Splendid Heavy Weight Leggings, $68, Shopbop | 3. Collection Italian Cashmere Wrap, $232, Danier | 4. NISKA 2 Black Gum Sole Mukluks, $159.99, Soft Moc | 5. Able Zip Jumper, $230, All Saints | 6. Benefit Cosmetics Watt's Up, $36, Sephora

NISKA 2 Black Gum Sole Mukluks, $159.99, Soft Moc

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