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MOM LOVE | Most-Wanted Mom's Day Gifts

via Hello Fashion Blog

Originally posted in The CLOSET

Moms like me don't ask for a lot. Thank-yous, pleases and R-E-S-P-E-C-T are all we moms really need. But I don't know a single mom who wouldn't love a little something'-somethin' from Sephora to really drive home that thank you. I'm not familiar with any fellow parentals who wouldn't love a new handbag (PLEEEASE??). And, of course, nothing shows true appreciation like a pair of gold Dr Dre headphones. Um, do they come in the noise-cancelling variety? Respect. 

Since my kids don't have any credit and I certainly don't want my husband to destroy our family budget on my behalf, I'm guessing that many of you moms are in the same boat. I've rounded up 40 gorgeous gifts - some expensive, most not - that are on my radar this year.  The presents on this shortlist are sure to please any mother-in-law. These picks are designed to delight any doting grandma. This guide will  help, well, guide any lost husbands out there. And if you end up with a card, some flowers, or even nothing at all, feel free to use this list to belatedly treat yoself. After all, being a mom is a 24/7, 365 kind of gig. You just never know when you might need a little pick-you-up after a particularly tantrum-filled/juice-spilled/couch-ruined/tear-out-your-hair kind of day. This is when those gold headphones really come in handy...




SPRING CLEANING | 5 Stylish Ways to Sort Your Closet

Ready for some spring cleaning? Forget ugly boxes & bins - Vaughan Mills asked me to find some pretty storage solutions to help score a closet that's both neat and chic.

Read on to see what I scored on the Vaughan Mills blog...


TREND REPORT | 3 Reasons You'll Love Spring's Cropped Jeans

Cropped jeans, Kendall Jenner style - via InStyle

Originally posted in The Fashion Scoop

I'm always that girl. You know, the one who wears white jeans while everyone else is still wearing black. The one who wears a trench coat in April, even if it's still snowing outside. I've already put most of my winter stuff into storage and replaced it with bright sunglasses, floaty scarves and spring jackets, which I'd rather wear a vest over, or a thin quilted jacket under, than put on my parka even one more time. Once we hit spring, I just can't with all the winter stuff. 

Cropped jeans are my new lust-have and they're the perfect solution for those of us who just want to get on with spring already. Every It girl from NY to LA is rocking their crops right now - with little ankle boots on extra cold days and, most notably for Spring '16, with flatform oxfords when you're cool with showing some skin. Call me obsessed. And let's just call it time for a new pair of jeans, shall we? See below for 3 ways to wear cropped jeans this spring...






Rebecca Taylor Resort 2016 - via Rebecca Taylor

Originally posted in The LOOK

I want to be cool like Cara Delevingne. I can totally appreciate the black-and-white badness of so many of the Instagram feeds I follow. But if I want to stay true to myself, I cannot wear black and white all the time. I just can't. I don't care how fashion-y you are - it's just super depressing. So as I do with almost all things in life, I go to Beyoncé for guidance. She just posted a teaser campaign for her new Ivy Park line and while it's of course almost all b&w, I spy a little bit of blue in there. An ode to Blue Ivy maybe? But still...if Queen Bey says blue is cool, then I feel safe in saying that even if you only buy black, even if you like to go full-blown grayscale, even if you just can't with colour, blue is the new black. From soft serenity to deep blue denim, check out all the super pretty blues flooding into stores now. Need that ruffle romper. Freaking over those fringed pumps. Coveting those cute Kismet dresses. How about you? Are you feeling blue, too? 



RLR LOVES | Jenny Bird x Indigo

The Jenny Bird x Indigo collection just dropped today and I want everything. The pieces are dramatic and oversized and cool, and they're made by a Canadian designer, AND they're under $100. That pearl necklace! Gah. Those threader earrings! Yes. I'd just wear one at a time. Arghhh, I can't handle this decision on a Friday. I wouldn't wait on this one - a collection this good won't last long. Shop it here. Happy Fri! xx