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Little. White. Dress.



Guess Julia Dress, $98 (currently on sale for $68.60) at Bootlegger

SMITTEN. How pretty is this dress?! It comes in white, black, soft pink floral and pale blue stripes (the finest, prettiest, super-narrow stripes you ever did see), though I've managed to narrow it down to white and blue. It 's made by the overt sexpots at Guess so chances are, it will be of a highly inappropriate length for anyone on this side of 30, but I'm holding out hope that it's as long as it looks in pictures. And if not, I'm stealing rlr mini's trick of wearing a frilly white slip underneath to make up the difference. Genius, isn't she?

I found it at Bootlegger (I know!) and luckily, the store just happens to be holding a 30% off dress sale this very moment. Well, what, pray tell, are you waiting for?  

Happy long weekend, sweetest thangs. There are mini eggs all over my house and I know every single hiding spot. It's a dangerous job being the Easter Bunny, isn't it?



APRIL SHOWERS: Spring's Sweetest Raingear

A bright pic from the Hunter Spring '14 Ad Campaign. Photo via HUNTER.

Originally posted in The LOOK

I'm one of those people who make the jump from winter straight to summer. I go from massive clunky boots to sockless feet because for some reason, I find the in-between stuff tough to swallow. I mean, is it warm or isn't it? Seriously, let's commit, shall we? But then, there I am in the middle of an April rainstorm, with freezing wet feet, a mass of frizzy hair, and a see-through white tee, cursing myself for not being better prepared and wishing I had a cute umbrella to cover me up as I drag my stubborn feet home...  




Reality Check: Spring's Most Wearable Trends

Photo courtesy Smart Set.

Originally posted in The Fashion Scoop

Designers send so many 'must-have' trends down the runways that it can be pretty tough to keep up. And sometimes, if we're honest, we don't really want to keep up. While some look amazing in the glossy pages of Vogue, or on Cara Delevingne's stick-thin bod, not all trends work for every day. We've rounded up 12 spring trends we love because they're a) beautiful and b) actually wearable, which will help us look chic and feel amazing as this new season gets underway. Excited? Us, too...




Banana Republic x Roland Mouret? Oui, Oui!

Le va-va-voom. Photo courtesy Banana Republic. 

Well, it seems to be the week for big designer collab announcements and this one comes courtesy of Banana Republic. The retailer just announced its next team-up with famed designer Roland Mouret. He ees French, and ee makes pretty frocks, zat ees all you need to know. Oh, and A-listers love him; in 2006, Mouret shot to fame when celebs first wore his now-famous Galaxy dress on the red carpet.

The Roland Mouret collection will fuse Mouret's signature hourglass dress designs with Banana Republic's much-loved Sloan fabric - the bi-stretch wonder-fabric that sucks you in, flattens you out (in all the right places, naturellement) and makes Spanx redundant. Mouret, famous for his exceptional skills in draping, structure and style, naturally gravitated toward this signature material, which he hand-draped, cut and pinned on the body to create this iconic 30-piece capsule collection.  

“Partnering with Banana Republic on this project was such an adventure for me,” says Roland Mouret. “The common goal for this collection is to offer incredible fit through an assortment of hourglass silhouettes using Banana Republic’s Sloan fabric, extending my love of structure into accessible prices. These pieces are multi-functional for the modern woman to wear and accessorize in her own way, making her always ready for life’s journey.”

Expect bold colourblocking, graphic perforated details, leopard prints and, of course, svelte cuts on everything from blazers and pencil skirts to sheath dresses. Apparel includes petite styles and will range in price from $62 (belt) - $205 (dress).

The women’s capsule launches exclusively at select Banana Republic locations worldwide and online in early August 2014.

Isn't that LBD to-die? I left the pic up on my laptop and as my husband passed by, his Pavlovian response was panting out 'oooh, pretty girl'. I think I saw some drool. Just the kind of reaction you'd expect from a man-eating dress like celui-ci, oui?






Models on the runway at Chanel's Spring 2014 show at the Grand Palais. Credit: Giovanni Giannoni/Fairchild Photo Service.

Originally posted in The CLOSET

I've just returned from an incredible week in Cuba (sigh...can I go back now?) celebrating one of my best friend's weddings. While I was packing up my brightest things, it made me wonder why we don't dress like we're on vacation all the time? So many of us choose the most practical things on the racks, the things we'll get the 'most wear out of' which is not only terrible sentence structure but is also incredibly depressing. Getting the most 'wear out of something' is a sentence that should be promptly abolished, don't you think? I mean timeless and well-made are important sartorial attributes but practicality is only part of the equation.

My head might still be in the clouds but in my vacay-ted state of mind, I say let's start only buying things that make us happy. The rainbow bright looks that Karl Lagerfeld sent down the Chanel Spring '14 runway are a perfect example of fashion joy. Why choose one fav colour? Every-hued pieces let us have our rainbow cake and eat it, too, and while you might not have worn so much colour since grade 1, spring is the perfect season to get insanely colourful. To feel appropriately adult-like, I've toned down these rainbow-hued finds with stark black & white which has an instant grounding effect on every look, keeping you looking modern and grown-up without taking away any of the fun.

With wedding season top of mind, I've shown four pretty looks that would be perfect for any bride or wedding guest, but would be just lovely for loads of other occasions, too...