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Running in Heels | My ECCO Shape Obsession

The problems started when I bought my first pair of ECCO SHAPE boots last year. They were merlot ankle boots, with a high stacked heel and a banging profile, but they felt like running shoes. So, more like platform running shoes, minus the Spice Girl vibes. Throughout these past 11 months, I've often reached for my other boots, attempted to feel the feels for my other heels, but at the last minute, I always grab my ECCO SHAPE boots. Here's the problem: I could wear flats for grocery store runs, for daily school pick-ups or for double daily dog walks. But I prefer heels. I just do. And now all of my other heels feel uncomfortable. They just do. 

So what makes them so comfortable you ask? As they say at ECCO, 'No modern woman wants to be held back by her footwear.' #truth. And so ECCO designed the SHAPE collection, offering cutting-edge, minimalist looks all stacked up on a magic heel. Each design has a foot bed which lowers the heel of the foot within the shank, allowing the 75 mm heel to 'grow' an extra 15 mm, ensuring ultimate comfort while still giving the illusion of a higher heel. The soft, supple leather moves naturally with every step (no breaking in required) and inside, the 'anatomical shank' offers complete support and cushioning. The collection features both solid and printed/textured heels and boots with a distinctively Scandinavian feel - simple, minimalist, but with a subtle edge. 

At the launch dinner for the ECCO SHAPE Fall '16 collection, models literally danced through the ROM in their ECCO heels. A ballet dancer performed pirouettes in her Mary-Janes while modern dancers did hours of ear-grazing dévelopées in their ECCO Shape ankle boots. Meanwhile, I sat and contemplated which shoes to add to my collection - hardcore waffling between a pair of navy snake print ankle boots and some amazing textured black midis. ECCO offered to buy the boots for me this time so I decided to stray from my usual black and go with the navy snake print, even though the heel was a bit lower than my merlot loves from last year. 

My ECCO SHAPE 35s arrived this week and I've fallen in love all over again. I've had 3 people stop me in 4 days at my neighbourhood coffee shop to compliment my boots. On the 4th day, I was the only customer in the shop, btw. My kids told me they like my fun boots. Even my husband, who has a vision impairment that doesn't allow him to notice new shoes or haircuts, noticed them and liked them without me having to ask. I'll wear them with jeans and leggings and dresses and skirts but because they're not a pair I'll likely wear errday, I'll alternate between those and my merlot boots from last year oh, and the black textured midis which I just bought - um, hold on a minute, credit card info, blah blah, address, confirm purchase - now. Worth every nickel (is this what we Canadians say now?)

Check out the new ECCO SHAPE collection in ECCO stores now or online here



WEEKEND FEELS | Where We Give Thanks for a Comfy Weekend Wardrobe

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Originally posted in The CLOSET

It's a well-documented fact that the way you dress affects the way you act. All polished up in your tailored business suit? Looking like a boss is half the battle for a killer presentation. Found sick new hi-tops for your Wednesday night adult hip-hop class? Don't hurt yourself with all that swagger. When it comes to weekends, dressing comfy is meant to put you in the right frame of mind - a chill wardrobe after all, can't help but set you up for having a chill attitude.

Whether you're entertaining your loud family for a big Thanksgiving dinner, are heading to a place where someone else is doing the cooking for you (lucky!) or have nothing but take-out and Netflix on the agenda, these stylishly comfy pieces will put you in a perfectly chill frame of mind for the long weekend ahead. 

Happy Thanksgiving, lovelies. But first, let's shop...




STREET SMART | Vaughan Mills Welcomes WLKN to the 6

If you've never heard of Montreal brand WLKN, now's your time to get acquainted. The streetwear store has gained a massive following in Québec and has finally made its way to Ontario with its first GTA store at Vaughan Mills. See what I scored on opening day and get in-the-know about WLKN on the Vaughan Mills blog here...



ICE ICE BABY | 3 Winning World Cup of Hockey Outfits

Originally posted in The Fashion Scoop

Alright stop, collaborate and listen: it's time to talk hockey. With Team Canada in the finals, much of our country has made plans to have absolutely no plans unless they involve hockey. And while I feel it's my duty as a fashion blogger to talk about fashion, I wouldn't be a true Canadian if I didn't work this post around our national sport - the sport that we grew up watching on TV with our dads, the one we perfected on bumpy backyard rinks long after the street lights had flickered on, the game that so often makes grown Canadian men break down and cry. Sure, our collective hope in Canadian hockey might have dimmed over these last few years but the spark is still there. Our hope still burns deep that Canada will rise to the top once again. Our love for the sport is pure and true. Our dreams of victory will never die. 

So while Crosby and co. get ready for a major game ahead, you can do your part, too. Be red, white and proud. Shake out those jerseys, jump into those Roots joggers, slap a maple leaf on your cheek and cheer like you've never cheered before. This is our game. This is our time. Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose. Oh wait, that's football isn't it...

We'll leave the pep talk to Babcock while I focus on what you're going to wear. Whether you're on the edge of your couch, with your squad at a sports bar or were lucky enough to score tickets to the main event, these winning outfits will get you through World Cup of Hockey finals and beyond...




FALL FASHION | The New Way to Layer

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Originally posted in The CLOSET

Don't let this last day of summer fool you for a single hot minute. Sure, it might not get freezing overnight, but before you know it, we'll be swapping our sandals for closed-toes, our tees for toppers and our breezy cute things for errthang cozy. The start of fall always signals a switch from simple, throw-on-and-go dressing to the all-important art of layering. For minimalists (aka the fashion lazy like me), layering can feel like a daunting task. I mean, seriously, who has time for mixing and matching textures and colours and playing with proportions to get it all just right when you've got 2 screaming kids, an early morning commute, or a snooze button addiction to contend with. Unless you're a stay-at-home stay-at-home, you don't.

Thankfully, this fall is all about laissez-faire layers that make all your casual go-to's look much cooler.  Whether it's an open grey sweater coat or cardi worn over your favourite slip dress, a plaid shirt dress worn open over your denim, or a  cozy statement sherpa bomber, you'll be begging for the cold weather to make an appearance, if only so you can start wearing these looks stat.