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JUMP ON IT | Brighten Up Your Winter Wardrobe Now

Iris Apfel & Karlie Kloss. via Kate Spade

Originally posted in The Fashion Scoop

We're all feeling it right now. The deep freeze doneness. The all-black boredom. That all-consuming craving for brightness, lightness and warmth. Since we can't promise that the forecast is going to turn around anytime soon, it's up to us to do something about it. Luckily, our clothing is something we can control, so let's steer away from the black and grey for a moment shall we? I've found 15 bright ideas to help you beat your winter wardrobe blahs, with pieces that you can wear both now and later. The end of Feb is only a handful of days away so I can't think of a better time to brighten up. Happy (almost) March!




JUMP AROUND | 3 Ways to Wear a One-Piece

Lara Stone does city girl chic in her white overalls. via H&M

Originally posted in The CLOSET

There's dressing for men and then there's dressing for ourselves. My husband's list of fashion 'likes' reads like a Victoria's Secret catalogue, and it goes a little something like this: 

  • Things that lace up = good
  • Things that tie up = good
  • Tight workout pants = good
  • Tops that "accidentally" fall off shoulders = good
  • Cleavage = good 

Predictable, right? But he's not alone. I've met few straight men who would pick SJP over Scarlett Johansson, Gwyneth over Gisele, Maggie Gyllenhaal over Megan Fox. Meanwhile, fashion girls collectively lose their minds when Emma Stone, Tilda Swinton or Cate Blanchett hit the red carpet because they dress for the love of clothes, not for the cleavage they can bust out. 

I'm perpetually torn between the two camps. I hold this sexpot superhero power over my bae when I throw on strappy heels, a little black dress and bombshell waves. Kachow! He has no idea why but suddenly he goes all zombie-like, holding doors open for me and offering to make me caipirinhas. Still, I love dressing up like Jenna Lyons with my buttoned-up men's shirt, culottes & New Balance kicks. Girls love it. Guys literally walk right past me. Except when I put on a pair of big geek glasses. Then it turns into a hot teacher/librarian thing. Guys like that. 

The one-piece jumpsuit is inherently divisive. While most women would love to try out overalls or a denim jumpsuit, they avoid them because they know how much men hate them. So, I've put together 3 one-piece looks for you to try out this spring anyway. Fitted black overalls worn with a tee or white blouse and heels is undeniably cute. An Emma Stone-like evening jumpsuit is unpredictably sexy. And as for the denim jumpsuit? Not sure about men (okay fine, pretty sure they'll hate it) but I can guarantee that fellow fashion girls will swoon. And here's the thing: sometimes a girl's just gotta look after #1. 



Three More Days 'Til Friday

via Massimo Dutti

I am so done with this winter. I've spent this week alternating between three expressions - the defiant pout, the grumpy resting bitch face and a teeth-gritted-eyes-squinted-shut-I-GIVE-UP scowl. Spring, IMO, cannot come soon enough. I won't tell you I'm leaving on vacation this Friday because it might make some of you angry (but check out my Instagram feed next week for me frolicking in the sun! sorry) but I will tell you that spring is absolutely on its way. How do I know? It's March next week, for one. And spring fashion is already in stores and online. I am totally loving the vibe of the new Massimo Dutti NYC Collection. Tan, white and cognac in relaxed silhouettes, all linens and cottons to breezily meet the heat. Simple. Sexy. Spring-ready. 

Three more days 'til Friday! 



SPLURGE VS. SAVE | Must-Have Mukluks

Snow day #ootd

Forget severe cold weather alert. I'm talking severe cuteness alert (like how I did that?) thanks to my new best friends at Soft Moc. They sent me some cozy mukluks and mocs to test out and as a non-slipper person, I can tell you that I have been forever changed. Never again will I wear bare feet indoors. Never again will I be content with just socks. Black furry mocs and mukluks have made me forget all about this never-ending polar vortex and now, my favourite off-duty uniform (and on-duty - after all, I'm a work-from-home blogger) consists of black leggings, an oversized black sweater, and my furry black mocs. Sometimes I add a denim shirt to the mix, sometimes a tan cashmere scarf and occasionally I throw on a black wool ball cap when I haven't done my hair and I know the UPS man is coming. The UPS man has become a regular visitor at my house (because of the online shopping of course. Geez.)

I've put together my go-to outfit in splurge vs. save fashion below. The forecast for this weekend? Cozy and cute, no doubt.

ps - I wrote this post before the very sad news of little Elijah in Toronto. #RIPElijah

1. Longer Legging, $24, Roots | 2. L'Oréal Paris Studio Secrets Magic Lumi Concealer, $13, | 3. Cashmere Merino Blend Scarf, $30, Woolovers | 4. CUTE 2 Crepe Sole Rabbit Fur Moccasins, $59.99, Soft Moc | 5. Long Cardigan, $74.95, GAP | 6. 6-Panel Pro Wool Baseball Cap, $9.95, Village Hat Shop.

CUTE 2 Crepe Sole Rabbit Fur Moccasins, $59.99, Soft Moc

1. Kibu Calf Hair Baseball Cap, $59, Danier | 2. Splendid Heavy Weight Leggings, $68, Shopbop | 3. Collection Italian Cashmere Wrap, $232, Danier | 4. NISKA 2 Black Gum Sole Mukluks, $159.99, Soft Moc | 5. Able Zip Jumper, $230, All Saints | 6. Benefit Cosmetics Watt's Up, $36, Sephora

NISKA 2 Black Gum Sole Mukluks, $159.99, Soft Moc


ALMOST FAMOUS | How to Be a '70s Style Star

Fun florals from Emilio Pucci 

Originally posted in The LOOK

Since one of my all-time fave things to do is dress up, I'm sure I'm biased. But there's something about seventies style that I find tragically irresistible. From so-bad-it's-good disco queen lamé dresses to SoCal boho beads and blouses, the seventies were simply a super fun era for fashion.

For Spring '15, designers at Chloé, Pucci, Rodarte, Derek Lam and House of Holland, were inspired by all sides of the seventies, from a laidback California roadtrip to the glittery dancefloor at Studio 54. The runways were loaded with floral blouses, towering platforms and flowy boho dresses fit for any Penny Lane wannabe. Meanwhile, fringe, suede and long pendant necklaces made a comeback we're guaranteed to notice on the street this spring. 

So unbutton a few, pour yourself a Piña Colada and get on your feet (after all, you should be dancing). From the wrap dress to the return of the flare, these pieces will help you be a total '70s style star this spring. In the meantime, here's your fashion homework for this weekend: watch American Hustle, Almost Famous, and That '70s Show (before Mila and Ashton had a baby). Can you dig it?