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GLOW GETTER | My TIFF Celebrity Facial with IMAGE Skincare

My Image Skincare O2 facial at the ready...

Anyone else notice that whilst on the red carpet, celebs always seem to carry an extra dose of glow? It can't just be the makeup, or the lighting, or the flattering reflection off the carpet itself. 'They must have something done,' I always mutter to myself as I sit on the couch watching the Emmys/Globes/Oscars, curtains sometimes drawn since I've probably put on a sheet mask at this point, often hugging my not-very-toned arms for comfort, always eating chips. And it's not just the women. The men always look like they've Benjamin Button-ed, too. I need their secret. I want in. 

And so, when the charming team at Charming Media invite me to TIFF to try out a celebrity red carpet treatment firsthand, I give a little fist pump and reply y-e-s. The first few weeks of school have all but destroyed any summer glow that I had so I neeeed this treatment. And there's a chance I might see Ryan Gosling. There's always that. 

I head up to a beautiful private suite at the very top of Trump Tower (you-know-who doesn't own it anymore btw) where Esthetics Plus has teamed up with Deadline Hollywood to provide spa treatments to TIFF's A-list talent to help them get red carpet ready. I'm given the choice between a Sunescape spray tan, NovaLash lash extensions or an IMAGE Skincare facial. I'm not big on spray tans, am super tempted by the idea of lash extensions, but decide that what I really need in my life right now is glowing skin. 

I'm told I just missed the Orphan Black girl as I lounge back and get ready for bliss. I've seen IMAGE Skincare products at Gee Beauty (one of my absolute fav spots in the 6ix) but have yet to try them out for myself. My esthetician tells me that IMAGE Skincare was created by a European plastic surgeon and is considered one of the most innovative skincare brands in the industry, with potent active ingredients that score results. As someone in her late-30's, I'm always looking for Results. And since I won't do Botox quite yet, I'm happy to invest in products that actually work. After looking at my skin, she decides on the O2 Lift Facial which uses oxygen, plant-derived technology and specially concentrated enzymatic botanicals to deliver instantly luminous, lifted skin. My oxygen facial (that red carpet secret I've been seeking) lasts about an hour but is so relaxing it feels like three. She massages and exfoliates my face, then puts on a mask that slowly, oh-so-awesomely sinks into my skin (see pic below) delivering O2 particles exactly where I need them. My dehydrated face takes it all in as my esthetician remarks that 'some people need it more than others.' Um, note to self: Must. Drink. More. Water. My stress level was close to a 9 when I walked in but I glide out at a solid 3. Maybe 2. I catch a glimpse of myself in the elevator on the way down and expect redness after the exfoliation but only see a pretty rush of colour in my cheeks. No downtime, no swelling - just calm, glowing skin. 

The week following my treatment, I'm given an IMAGE Skincare Post Treatment trial kit to keep my celeb glow going. My skin feels quite dry for the first few days post-treatment as it adjusts to all the attention, but then I notice that my skin looks healthier, plumped up, and I'd even saying glowing, even when I'm makeup-free. If only Ryan Gosling could see me now. Um, he might give me an autograph, right?

Want to try the products for yourself. Head to to find an IMAGE Skincare distributor near you. Scroll down for pics from my red carpet facial + see some of the celebs who tested out IMAGE Skincare during TIFF, including RG, of course :) 


You know your brand's made it when it has its own magazine...

Jason Sudeikis picks up some IMAGE Skincare products for his gorge wife, Olivia Wilde...

Anne Hathaway checks out IMAGE Skincare for the first time

John Legend. Wow, he really does have great skin, no?

Grace Van Patten takes home IMAGE Skincare

Ryan Gosling. Um sorry, where was I?

Dreaming of Ryan...sigh...  Oh wait, I mean my husband. Right, my husband...

My IMAGE Skincare post treatment kit keeps the glow going...


5 Ways to Score an Instantly Pretty Office Space

The kids are back at it, easing their way back into the school routine as we speak. But while the focus is usually on students, many grown-ups get those back to school feels, too. After a long and lazy summer, September feels like the perfect time for a fresh start, for a renewed sense of focus to hit our career goals.
But getting motivated in a boring all-beige cubicle? Um, so not gonna happen. If any of you are feeling similarly disenchanted with your work space right now, it’s really no big deal. Sometimes a fresh coat of white paint and a handful of pretty pieces are all it takes to bring your office space from boring to beyooond. Check out my post on the Vaughan Mills blog for 5 steps to an instantly prettier office space. Warning: these finds may cause serious office envy… 




SOLE MATES | These 50 Fall Shoes Are Goals

Speaking of goals...via Stuart Weitzman

Originally posted in The CLOSET

Summer was so amazing, so beautiful, so fun - just SO. But while I loved every minute of the ice cream and the excess, my body now has to deal with the fall-out from all that fun. Trying on jeans the other day, I was reminded of exactly how much fun was had. Sigh. 

As I slowly work my way back to fighting form, all the while trying to embrace my summer curves, trying to figure out how to keep some and not others (too much to ask?), I always find comfort in that one place where things always fit, where size doesn't matter, where I can be lifted up (literally), where I can stand taller (see where I'm going with this?), the place that understands my soul (and my soles): the shoe aisle. Thank goodness for shoes. Like Evan and Carly, we just get each other. We accept one another as we are. I know that if I invest in them, my shoes will always give back. And I know that once I find the one (okay, ones), I can stop looking. Well, at least until I see another pair that catches my eye. Luckily shoes have no feelings. It's a beautiful thing.

While I love to score good deals, I've learned over the years that good shoes are always worth it, even if you have to pay full price. I'd rather invest in one really amazing pair of boots than pick up 2 average pairs that will fall apart by next season. Okay fine,  2 really amazing pairs of boots instead of 4 average pairs. I mean, you can't expect me to pick just one, with pink block heel ankle boots to maje merlot midi boots to over-the-knee stunners vying for my affection. And don't even get me started on the flats - do we do the grey Puma Fierce kicks or the platform loafers? I can't even. For now, let's just stare at these 50 beautiful pairs and dream a little. Zero guilt. No regrets. Deal?




SHOE LOVE | See What I Scored at Canada's Largest DSW Designer Shoe Warehouse

When I heard that I’d been invited to shop Canada’s largest shoe store (I repeat: Canada’s LARGEST SHOE STORE), I cleared my calendar, hooked my kids up with a babysitter, and prepped myself. I can handle shoes. In fact, I’ve handled them my whole life. But the new 26,000 sq. ft. DSW Designer Shoe Warehouse at Vaughan Mills, loaded with shoes, boots and accessories, was beyond anything I’ve ever shopped. That’s 20,000 pairs of shoes at up to 40% off suggested retail prices. And a blogger with next to no self control around shoes. I’m in so much trouble. 

Head to the Vaughan Mills blog to see what I ended up taking home. Hint: they're tall, dark and gooorgeous...




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