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SHINE BRIGHT | 4 Fun New Ways to Dress Up This Holiday Season

Originally posted in The Fashion Scoop

December has arrived and here we are: officially in the thick of it. We're about to embark on a month-long bingefest of eating and drinking and general merry-making. And while you might be tempted to throw on your flannel onesie, snuggle up in your mermaid blanket and just call it a day, remember that 'tis the season for dressing up, too. I mean, other than summer, is there any time of year more social than December?

You'll be out grabbing gifts with your fellow shoppers, fuelling up at brunches with big men dressed in red, sipping cocktails with your co-workers and fêting all things festive. And then there's all that time with your family - from Christmas recitals to epic full-day feasts. Your flannel onesie is not going to impress your mother-in-law. You are better than your flannel onesie...




GIFTS THAT GIVE BACK | Why You Should Shop for GEN1 This Holiday Season


It might be what's inside that counts but when it comes to gift giving this year, might be time to reconsider the outside, too. The new Canadian Women's Foundation Shop for GEN1 collection features party supplies and gifting-made-chic finds that give back in a big way.

Before you go ahead and pick up just any random wrap, consider this: 100% of the net profits from the line are invested in emergency shelters, programs that help women rebuild their lives from abuse and prevention program designed to teach young people how to put an end to violence - for good. The Foundation's aim? Help build the first generation of women in Canada to experience true gender equality and live without the fear of violence. And you thought it was all just pretty packaging. 

Find the Shop for GEN1 line at WINNERS and HomeSense stores now, perfect for adding meaning to any gift or gathering this holiday season. 


FÊTE SET | Our Holiday Party Fashion Edit

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Originally posted in The CLOSET

Here's the thing about mid-November: we know what's about to hit us. We know that before too long (if we're lucky), our calendars will start to overflow (if they haven't already). We know that between coordinating family and friends and co-workers, managing recitals and get-togethers and dinners, and somehow fitting the joy of the season in there somewhere, the next month is guaranteed to be cray.  

While flying by the seat of one's snowpants is highly encouraged this time of year, a wardrobe that's ready to party will stylishly set you up for whatever invites might come your way. Pick up a proper topper now and that Baileys and Sleigh Ride soirée will be one for the books. You can't control what Betty in accounting does on the dance floor, but a perfect party dress will guarantee you Best Dressed at your corporate Christmas party. Sequined pants will go swimmingly with your Ugly Christmas Sweater while festive red kicks will look all kinds of lovely at your family Christmas dinner. 

And, should you prefer to decline the invites and opt instead for a shopping party for one, this list should come in handy, too. After all, party invite or not, who doesn't need a sparkly sequin box clutch, amirite?





WHAT'S GOOD | Carine Roitfeld x Uniqlo

When Carine Roitfeld tells you what to wear, you listen. The former Editor-in-Chief of Vogue Paris and world-renowned style-setter has perfected 'I Don't Give AF' with her just-rolled-out-of-my-boudoir hair, her I-didn't-bother-taking-my-makeup-off-last-night smoky eyes and a parade of neutral street style looks that makes women half her age constantly question their own coolness.  

Roitfeld was inspired by her own wardrobe (naturellement) to create her latest collection for Uniqlo. On-trend fur bombers, as well as updated classics, like tweed blazers, wool and shearling coats, textured pencil skirts and merino sweaters mash up in a capsule that would make a killer wardrobe for any wannabe Parisienne. And if you don't like it, you guessed it: she does not give AF. 

The collection hits Uniqlo stores today.



FAVOURITE THINGS | What We Really (Really) Want Right Now

Originally posted in The CLOSET

Forget needs for a minute and let's talk about wants. Whether you're trying to give people gift ideas or just feel like treating yo self, November's the perfect time to dream. From a cozy cold shoulder to endless good hair days, read on for what we want (what we really, really want) right now...