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ONE & DONE | 35 Dresses We Can't (& Won't) Wait to Wear

A floral + striped frock star from RW&CO.

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There's something that happens once you have kids. Okay, there are a lot of things that happen once you have kids. But specifically, there's this thing regarding invitations. In my early 20's, I'd get invites to weddings and be like, 'Awww, seriously? Another wedding??' I'd look at my summer calendar and all of my weekends would be completely booked up with wedding after wedding which a) got very expensive, hence taking away all the money I'd been saving for fun things like shoes (but what should have been a down-payment on a house) and b) took away all the precious time I could have been spending at a friend's cottage or at the beach or going to clubs. When you're young and single, you get invites to fun parties all the time and you can't possibly appreciate it. Or at least I didn't...




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I can't blame you if you haven't been bare-shouldered in awhile. Spring in Canada is a roller-coaster ride of temps and emotions - warm one day, freezing the next, grateful one day, totally grumpy the next. The main source of my frustrations with spring this year has rested in the fact that I have two new off-the-shoulder pieces I've been dying to bust out. Problem is,  the weather has forced me to cover up  exactly what I want to show off. My shoulders are dying for the sun, the warm breeze and the cute Instagram pic potential. 

Go get yourself a stellar strapless bra (if you need it) and then check out these 3 gorgeous off-the-shoulder looks to help you make the most of the (hopefully super warm & sunny) long weekend ahead... 



FIESTA FASHION | 15 Bright Finds to Get the Party Started

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Between this week's groundbreaking CHANEL Cruise presentation in Havana (watch it below), to yesterday's Cinco de Maya celebrations, I'm officially ready for a fiesta. The Chanel show eased its way into the party, with sophisticated neutrals gradually evolving into a full spectrum of happy brights. Cinco de Mayo, meanwhile, always heads straight for the piñata, with revelers rocking ruffles, beads and every colour of the rainbow each year until the sun sets(or the guacamole runs out). 

If you missed both parties (still waiting for my invite, Karl), don't despair. Now is the perfect time to start infusing playful brights into your wardrobe to get your own party started...



Hair Dare with Dove Regenerative Nourishment

I’m not really a hair person. As a fashion stylist, I constantly change up my look. As a beauty junkie, I have loads of fun switching up my makeup on the daily. But as for my hair? It’s just there. I get it cut every 3 months or so (just a trim, please) and wouldn’t normally get it coloured if I didn’t have greys. Oh, and I rarely, if ever, (like maybe 3 times a year), use any heat styling tools on my hair. The dryer just sits there. The curling wand I spent so much money on lives in its drawer unless I have to dress up. And while I used to use my straightening iron all the time, it too has languished over the past few years. While it’s probably healthy to avoid all the heat styling, I counteract the benefits by going to bed with wet hair all the time and often throw it into a ponytail when it’s still wet, which causes serious breakage. I call this no-maintenance, French girl beauty. For the record, I’m not even French. But if I’m honest, I’m really just lazy when it comes to hair.

When Dove challenged me to a hair dare, I was super excited. This was exactly what I needed. I’m not boring. I’m not predictable. And while I’m fine with low-maintenance, no-maintenance is a problem. I feel totally ready for a change. Challenge accepted.

I go to my stylist, Michelle, and instead of my regular ‘Just give me my natural brown - like the colour of my roots, minus the greys’, I say ‘I want to go dark.’ She just stares at me in the mirror. She thinks I’m kidding. We sit there staring at each other for a good minute. After years of trying to convince me to do something fun, here I sit, ready to do it with no prompting on her part. Once I convince her I’m serious, we agree on a shade that’s 2 shades darker than my regular colour and a cut that’s definitely more than a trim. When it’s done, I’m kind of loving it and of course, she styles it in a way that I never have the patience to do myself. 

A few days later,I wash my hair with my regular shampoo. I let it air dry but somehow, the air dry look just doesn’t do my new cut or colour justice. My hair looks dry and frizzy and not at all like it did with Michelle. Okay Dove, let’s do this.

I’m usually reluctant to try drugstore brands because I’ve become so accustomed to blowing my full paycheques on salon products. Luckily, Dove and I go way back so there are no trust issues here. When it comes time to wash my hair the next time, I’m ready to try the Dove Regenerative Nourishment Shampoo and Dove Regenerative Nourishment Conditioner. With its Red Algae + Keratin NutriComplex, it helps regenerate the healthy look and feel of hair damaged by over-processing. I never use masks or clarifying shampoos or oils or really anything that I should be using to keep my strands healthy so I totally need this. The shampoo smells amazing and I only need a bit of conditioner to make my hair feel super soft.

I’m feeling so empowered that I decide to bring out my neglected heat styling tools and give them a go. I dry my hair with actual hot air (bam), I straighten it to get rid of my ever-present poufiness (kazow) and I even use my curling wand to give my hair those easy, beachy waves that I always like on other people. 

The next time I wash my hair, I decide to really go for it and use the Dove Regenerative Nourishment Serum-in-Oil. After adding a few drops (just put a few pumps in your hand, rub together and smooth through the ends - so easy) my hair doesn’t even look like my hair anymore. The straightening iron usually gives me loads of flyaways and a generally crispy feeling but the oil just gives it this crazy, amazing shine.

No more no-maintenance for this girl. Now that I know I can colour and heat style my hair to my heart’s content and still walk away with gorgeous locks, the possibilities are endless.I should probably let Michelle sit down before I tell her…

Ready to try something new? Why not try the Dove #HairDare challenge? I dare you ;)


The Regenerative Nourishment range, formulated with Red Algae + Keratin NutriComplex, is a specific daily program for damaged, over-processed hair, making it smoother and stronger against breakage - as if damage never happened. Learn More!

Disclosure: This post was brought to you by Dove Canada via Mode Media Canada.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Dove Canada.


Stylish Mom's Share What They Really Want This Mother's Day

Sweet homemade cards and time spent with their littles aside, I asked 15 of my fave stylish moms to dream big (bigger, biggest) and dish on what they really want for Mother's Day this year. From jewels (incl this bomb choker) to handbags to epic getaways, see the full list in my article for W Dish here...