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FROCK STARS | These Fall Dresses Are Giving Us Serious Feels

Chiara Ferragni at NY Fashion Week SS16 - via Laia Magazine

Originally posted in The Fashion Scoop

I'm all for equality. As a full-time working mom, I feel I can do it all. Or at least most of it all. Or 'most of it all' 'some of the time'. When I remind my husband to be chivalrous, he jokingly gives me the 'but you're so capable' speech. 'I know you can open up your own car door, so why would I do it for you?' And he's right. As a 21st century woman, I can take out the garbage, pump my own gas, and bring home the bacon. And if a return to chivalry means a return to the life most women lived throughout history, I'll take 2015, please. 

Still, there are times when I just want to feel like a girl. I love to put on makeup. I'm inexplicably drawn to sparkles and shoes. I love when my husband brings me flowers, when he covers my eyes during a scary scene on HBO, and yes, even when he holds open the car door for me. And while I totally wear the pants in our family (obviously), I just love wearing dresses. It's not that guys can't wear dresses. But most don't. And so when I put on a pretty dress and a pair of strappy heels, I feel like a woman. 

Summer might be over but that doesn't mean you have to put away your dresses for the season. I've rounded up the prettiest new dresses in stores, perfect for wearing bare-legged on warmer days, or with opaque black tights, sleek boots, and a cozy cardigan or tailored blazer when we get into single digits later on. 

Scroll through the thumbnails below for the fall dresses that'll give you serious girl power this fall...



LOOKS WE LOVE | Sweater Weather

Alexander McQueen Pre-Fall '15 - via Vogue

Originally posted in The CLOSET

I've put away my shorts. I've packed away my sandals. And looks like the small tan I had is already nothing but a margarita-filled memory. Summer is over. Gone. Finito. And I can't help but feel like I'm ready for what's next. This in-between season can make even a professional shopper like me want to just give up and wear pajamas all day. Not that I'm doing that right now. Or am I? (#bloggerbenefits) Anyway, the day starts out freezing but by the afternoon, you're a total hot mess. Plus, I don't know about you but I'm done with looking at fall trends - I want to actually wear them in real life.

So today I've finally done it. I've replaced ball caps & light summer scarves with my plaid scarves and fedoras. And I actually cried a little when I brought out my box of sweaters this morning. My favourite ivory fisherman knit that I scored at a Hudson's Bay designer sample sale last year was there. My go-to cozy grey sweater was right there beside it. And there are a few knits in that box that need some TLC before I parade them around in public. Um, this and this and a few hours on Netflix should do it. 

Since so many of my favourite fall outfits include oversized sweaters, I thought I'd share some sweater inspiration with you for the new season. See some of my favourite sweater looks below and get ready to get cozy - like you needed convincing...




Clearly a Great Giveaway

Wearing my new Kam Dhillon gold frames. 

All accessories have the power to make or break an outfit. Glasses, though - glasses should never be underestimated. After all, they sit squarely on the bridge of your nose, making them literally so in-your-face that they can't be overlooked. While I wear contacts most days, I have a small (tiny, wee, rivalling my shoe obsession) obsession with fun glasses. Whether prescription-filled or not, I can't handle wearing glasses that make me look older/more serious than I am. I own round pink glasses, clear squares, and oversized tortoiseshells but I felt my collection was missing something. 

Luckily, saved the day. The new Kam Dhillon collection is loaded with tempting peepers and they offered to send me one of their on-point pairs to test out. From gilded to pastel to boho, the collection hits on all of the season's top trends. I immediately honed in on the gold cat-eyes. So shiny, so sexy and so much fun - I had to have. Suddenly my other glasses look all kindsa boring. And I've officially stowed away my contacts for the fall. 

Thanks to the kind team at, I'm giving away a pair of Kam Dhillon glasses to one lucky reader. Whether you're in need of a new pair for fall or just like to change things up like me, you're going to love this new collection. 


1) Leave a comment below telling me which pair of Kam Dhillon glasses you want to take home from the options below

2) Follow @realliferunway & @clearlyca on Twitter and tweet the following for a bonus entry '@realliferunway & @clearlyca are giving away a pair of Kam Dhillon glasses & I want to #win!'

3) Must be a resident of Canada to enter this contest. 

4) Contest ends Friday, October 2nd at 5pm

5) Good luck!

Kam Dhillon Claudia Bare

Kam Dhillon Theresa Hazel

Kam Dhillon Sophia Gold


Smells Like Teen Spirit

New grunge perfection from the 3.1 Phillip Lim Fall '15 runway. 

Originally posted in The CLOSET

Kendall and Kylie might be the girls bringing back grunge right now, but it was the other K - Kurt Cobain of course, who inspired it all. Seattle in the early nineties was where it all went down and while the grunge music scene changed a generation, the clothes brought the whole Nevermind vibe to life.

This season, I can't think of a more wearable trend for a dream weekend wardrobe. After all, once the work week's done and you have nothing to do, you might as well do it like a scene out of Reality Bites, right? I'm talking plaid flannel shirts tied around your waist, combat boots perfect for stomping the angst out, and distressed boyfriend jeans (preferably actually borrowed from your rockstar boyfriend). Craving something a little more girly? Channel Winona Ryder, download the Singles soundtrack, then throw on some ditsy florals and dance around, either in a little floral dress worn with black (ripped) tights, or in those black floral Doc Martens you've always wanted.

Check out the grunge-inspired finds we can't wait to wear this fall ('90s attitude not included), and be sure to play the video below while you're at it. So good...



INSPIRED | 10 Fresh Fall Outfits

September can be a crazy expensive month. Luckily, sometimes all we need is a little inspiration to keep our fall outfits looking fresh. In my article for W Dish this week, I was tasked with putting together 10 pretty looks you’ll want to wear over and over again this fall, whether you’re compiling a want list or just want to reinvent what’s already in your closet. Enjoy!