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WHAT'S GOOD | Yoga Design Lab

Testing out my gorgeous new mat from Yoga Design Lab

Ask any yogi whether great workout wear affects their practice, and they'll all admit it's a must. From pants that stay put to tops that don't get in the way of tricky poses, the gear plays a huge role in the whole yoga experience, right down to the mat. When it comes to hot yoga, the mat becomes especially important since slipping and sliding really messes with your flow. 

When Yoga Design Lab reached out to see if I wanted to test-drive one of their new mats, I was stoked. I had a flimsy Pepto-pink mat that I'd picked up on the way to my first hot yoga class and was in major need of an upgrade.  Yoga Design Lab just launched in Canada but has already shaken up the yoga scene in the States with a growing celebrity following and Harper's Bazaar calling the mats 'stunning works of art'. One look at the mat collection and it's obvious why the yoga world is struggling to catch its collective breath. 

Luckily, there's substance behind the style, too. The mats consist of a natural tree rubber base that's bonded to a sueded microfiber surface, solving one of yoga's biggest problems - slipping. These mats are designed to become even grippier with sweat, making them ideal for everything from hot yoga to power yoga to ashtanga. The Combo Mat construction is unique on the market and took over a year to develop. 

While the mats have it down in terms of design, it's the brand's story that really sticks. In 2014, Canadian surfer/yogi/hottie Chad Turner sold all of his things, moved to Bali and launched the brand.

"I was seated in the back of a packed yoga class while on vacation in Ubud, Bali. Looking around, all I saw was a sea of unoriginal, massed produced, solid colored mats. My thinking was, there must be a way of creating a highly functional product that was also aesthetically beautiful. So the journey began. Long story short, I sold my stuff in Vancouver, packed up a couple bags and moved to Bali with the goal of creating a stunning line of yoga products that inspire more people to get excited about yoga. Really looking forward to finally launching the brand in Canada. It’s a special moment for me.”  

I tried out my new mat a few times last week and cannot believe the difference a great mat makes. Oh, and bonus: the minute I brought my mat into class, my fellow yogis all had to know where I got it. Looks like our yoga class is getting an upgrade. See and shop the full collection on now, and keep watching for exciting new collabs - the company has already teamed up with leading New York Designer Mara Hoffman for a series of limited edition collaboration mats coming out shortly. A must, right? Just consider it an essential (and beautiful) investment in your health.

Happy Fri! xx



THE SWEETEST THINGS | Valentine's Gifts They're Going to Love

via American Eagle

As I sit here finishing up deadlines while eating strawberries and watching Zayn & Gigi do Pillowtalk like only 20 year-olds can, I'm feeling strangely inspired. You'd think I'd be bitter, since my strawberries haven't been covered in chocolate in forever (that sounds bad). You'd think I'd be jealous because Gigi...well, she's just not fair. But instead, I'm making it my Valentines mission to bring back the romance. I'm still young(ish), I've still (kind of sort of) got it. And while it's tempting to Zamboni over Valentines and pass it off as a commercial hot mess, I see nothing wrong with celebrating romance. After all, life's so busy that I think we could all use a yearly reminder to bring it.

Vaughan Mills asked me to handpick the top V-Day gifts for men, women and kids this year, so I'm sharing my picks with you. Hope you like! Or should I say, looove...




3 Ways to Wake Up Your Winter Wardrobe


Originally posted in The LOOK

This happens every year. Each January, I'm struck with an insatiable appetite for change. And while we haven't had to endure a super tough winter this year, I'm still ready to switch things up. Since I can't grab the next flight to Cabo because my kids would miss me, I'm relying on my wardrobe to help me get through the rest of winter. I've been wearing black and grey nearly exclusively for the past month. Why? Well, my warmest parka is black. My fave furry trapper hat from ALDO is black, too.  I've been wearing only black pants and leggings because, well, I ate 3 boxes of Turtles over the holidays so they're the only ones that fit. 

While black is always in style, too much of it gets tired after awhile. If you're feeling black & grey fatigue, too, here are 3 easy ways to wake up your winter wardrobe right now...




X's and Ohh's

Photographed by Max Wanger. Via Decor8 Blog

Originally posted in The CLOSET

Lost? Confused? Not even sure where to begin? Love might be a battlefield but we're here to help you navigate it. We've rounded up the winning gifts that are guaranteed to impress your Valentine this year, plus a few sneaky tricks to make your main bae remember just how v. awesome you are.  Happy (almost) Valentine's Day you sweet things...



SO SHADY | J. Crew's First Ever Sunglasses Collection Is Finally Here

As someone who can't help herself around sunglasses, I'm always on the lookout for fresh new specs to add to my collection. So when I found out that J.Crew launched its first-ever sunglasses collection today, I had to share the news (and pretty pics) with you. 

J.Crew partnered up with NYC-based Marchon for its first collection, featuring scratch-resistant, 100% UV protected lenses. The frames are made entirely by hand in high quality acetate and the sleek and supposedly super-stable hinge was designed by Dame Jenna Lyons herself. With 5 women's and 3 men's styles, the collection features a variety of fun prints and colours that are seriously toying with my shopping self-control.  

Check out the collection for yourself. The sunglasses are available now in J.Crew stores or online at and range in price from $128-$168 CDN. 

Hmmm...I'm thinking the top-right tortoises. And you?