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LIKE A BOSS | 12 Spring Upgrades Your Work Wardrobe Will Love

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Girl bosses used to dress like men to get the respect they deserved, often with mixed results. Pants. Obviously yes. Shoulder pads? Mmmmnot so much.  As a proud girl boss, let me say that I have managed to build my own business, work on my own terms and continue to set goals that my 7 year-old self would have been proud of, and I've done it all in pink. This spring, a killer work wardrobe is all about harnessing your fashion power to make your 9-to-5 grind more fun. It's about taking charge of the season's top trends and making them work for you. And of course, it's about shoe shopping because let's face it: when is it not about shoe shopping? 

Read on for 12 spring upgrades your work wardrobe is going to love. Now all you've gotta do is werk it...




TREND REPORT | Why Spring 2017 Is All About Doing You

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We go through different phases in life of wanting to conform and dying to be different. As a teenager, I remember thinking that I had my own amazing sense of style, only to look back at pics and realize my group of friends had a very distinct uniform - a tragic, Disney-sponsored-skate-park-by-day-rave-by-night uniform. It's really hard to describe, and I won't torture you with the pics, but it basically consisted of mini skirts or dresses, tiny logo tees (my monster truck tee was my fave), over-the-knee socks and Converse or Gazelles.  Occasionally we wore our Little Mermaid backpacks, but they were way too small to hold anything other than a few tubes of LipSmackers so we usually just carried them on empty. For the record, there were no soothers. Whether we knew it at the time or not, wearing this uniform made us part of a club, made us look like a team, made us feel like we belonged.

As you grow up, you reach a point where the last thing you want to do is look like everyone else. Some people get tattoos, others chop their hair, but however we decide to define ourselves, we take action to stand out. We want to be noticed and respected, and while we don't always feel in control of our lives, there is always fashion to help us make our mark. Sure, we might look back to regret the fashion choices we've made (let's just forget my Spice Girl sneakers in 2001, please), but every fashion phase we endure comes to define us in some way... 




Get an Early Jump On Spring with These 15 Playful Picks

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Okay fine, it's only February. And I know I should live for the moment and seize the day and do all of those things I'm told are good for my mental health. I love the snow. I love the winter. I love the cold. Repeat after me: we love the snow and the winter and the cold. it March yet? As I look at all of the pretty pieces coming into stores for spring, though, I think I've found my silver lining. These finds let me embrace the present while looking to the future, too. They let me have a cute spring fling while still making the absolute most of winter. From a fashion perspective, shopping for spring in winter is a win-win: it allows you to buy pretty new things now and wear them way longer.  Scroll down for the items on my want-list right now. So much cuteness, you'll have a really hard time waiting. And you really shouldn't. Carpe diem.




STYLE CLASS | How to Do Cool Girl Casual Without Breaking the Bank


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Full disclosure: I'm on a seriously strict spring shopping budget. My husband's working on a start-up venture so that means that I have to be a little more resourceful than usual these days. I can't just drop mad bills at Aritzia. I can't go on an All Saints spending spree. COS, The Row and Kit & Ace will have to wait.

Since I've never let limited funds stop me before (and don't intend to start now), I've mined the mall to achieve that sporty, minimalist look all the cool girls are wearing right now. The best part? Almost every piece I found is well under $100. Who's cool now? 



HIT REFRESH | My Shopbop Early Spring Picks

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It's around this time of year that I always get the powerful urge to purge. I want to give away all of my faded pants, play hide-and-seek with my winter coats (oops, guess they're lost for another season), and basically just hit refresh on my entire wardrobe. Anyone else feel the same way right now? As a Shopbop blogger ambassador, I'm constantly creeping the site to see what's new, so I've picked a handful of faves - some relatively guilt-free, one particular Tibi trench purely aspirational at this point. Though, I would be quite tempted to curb my impulsive shopping habits for a few months to own that beauty. If only I hadn't already bought those killer Schutz lace-ups...Um, yup. #budgetssuck

Commando Rash Guard, $88

Frends Layla Headphones, $150

Rebecca Minkoff Taylor Crossbody Bag, $195

Schutz Dubianna Lace-Up Sandals, $220

J Brand Mid-Rise Ankle Skinny Jeans, $218

Karen Walker Deep Freeze Sunglasses, $250

Jennifer Meyer Mini Wishbone Ring, $250


Loeffler Randall Haircalf Industry Bucket Bag, $325

Tibi Trench, $675