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LIKE A BOSS | 12 Spring Upgrades Your Work Wardrobe Will Love

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Originally posted in The Fashion Scoop

Girl bosses used to dress like men to get the respect they deserved, often with mixed results. Pants. Obviously yes. Shoulder pads? Mmmmnot so much.  As a proud girl boss, let me say that I have managed to build my own business, work on my own terms and continue to set goals that my 7 year-old self would have been proud of, and I've done it all in pink. This spring, a killer work wardrobe is all about harnessing your fashion power to make your 9-to-5 grind more fun. It's about taking charge of the season's top trends and making them work for you. And of course, it's about shoe shopping because let's face it: when is it not about shoe shopping? 

Read on for 12 spring upgrades your work wardrobe is going to love. Now all you've gotta do is werk it...




WORK IT | 12 Ways to Wake Up Your Work Wardrobe

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Originally posted in The Fashion Scoop

When it comes to getting ready for work in the morning, the struggle is real. And while we all face challenges at our jobs throughout the day, from uncooperative co-workers to a lackluster boss, a bad work wardrobe can make it all so much worse.

Okay, before you pass this post off as a first world rant, stick with me here. I mean, fretting every morning about what to wear must wreak havoc on productivity. Wearing the same suit day after day has got to cut short your creative flow. And all black everything? Depressing. No matter what job you have, your work wardrobe should be inspiring. It should help you bounce out of bed every morning, ready to face your closet with a smile. Okay, fine, coffee first. It should help you strut into your office, telling your company in no uncertain terms that you are not someone to be messed with. And of course, it should be ready for cocktails after work to celebrate a sartorial job well done. Make that a double. 

Whether you're on the hunt for a job or just want to shake things up at your current office, it's all about thinking outside the box. I've gone beyond the basics for this post (good tailored trousers, a fitted white and blue button-down, a beautifully-fitted blazer, a black pencil skirt, a suit if that's how your company rolls) and rounded up 12 ways to wake up your work wardrobe like a boss. Now all you have to do is work it...




LIKE A BOSS | Your Fail-Proof Guide to a Chic Summer Work Wardrobe

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Originally posted in The LOOK

I've worked in many different jobs over the years. And while I'm now the Director of my own company, I never quite reached boss status before Real Life Runway. In my adult life, I've been an Editorial Assistant, a Public Relations Coordinator and a Sales Representative. But when it comes to dressing for work, I've always been a boss. Sure, nobody's ever given me private jets or bottomless expense accounts, but I've always known that when it comes to dressing for work, I can roll with the best of them. I mean, if they gave promotions based on Footwear Focus and Accessory Deliverables, my raises would be totally epic.

Summer is a tricky time when it comes to dressing for 9-to-5. You want to be on vacation but you still have to get dressed every morning. Summer is the perfect season to loosen up at work but you walk that fine line between poor judgement and professional. Spaghetti straps are a no. Exposed bras are a no. Shorts can be a yes but only in a strict private school uniform kind of way. Plus, you have to contend with sweltering temps outside and freezing A/C blasting directly at your desk. The struggle is real. 

I've put together a list of fail-proof finds that will help you navigate your workplace in seriously chic style this summer. There, my work here is done. No, really, is it too early for sangria?