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MOVE IT, MOVE IT | 5 Active Looks We're Loving Right Now

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I have my reasons. I mean, there was Christmas and all of the holiday sangria and cookies and boxes of Turtles that came with it. Then, there's the weather. I mean, I tell my kids that running on ice is dangerous, so what example would I set by doing the same? Then, of course, there's simply the fact that until this very moment, I just haven't felt like working out.  But then, I went shopping. And I've started seeing the coolest new leggings that I have to have. And looking at all the rad new running shoes that make my current kicks look old-school in the worst possible way. Sexy cut-out tops make my old workout tees look so 'mom' it hurts. Not to mention the fact that my pants are so much harder to do up these days. Sigh....

All signs point to the fact that it's time to finally get moving again. First, the mall. Next the yoga mat where I'll finally conquer that headstand. Then, the Zumba class where I'll shake what my mama gave me. And finally, a run that doesn't involve getting anything with the word 'grande' in it when I'm done.

Check out these 5 workout looks I'm loving right now. After all, looking the part is half the battle ;)




JET SET | 40 Resort-Ready Picks to Help You Pack Like a Pro


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As if the dull, grey days of Jan aren't depressing enough, our generation has social media to make taking off that much more tempting. This time of year, Facebook pages get flooded with pics of braggy beach shots. Insta stories of your friends frolicking in the ocean seem designed to torture you while you're cooped up in your cubicle (see mine here - *sorry*) I mean, it's enough to make even the most live-in-the-moment among us want to grab a last-minute flight to somewhere. Anywhere. Like, I'd take a hut on the beach with no running water, as long as I had an ocean view and someone to make me mojitos. Who's with me?

Whether you've already booked your vacay or are currently contemplating one, I've done a little research to help you pack like a total pro. After all, shopping for cute hot weather gear in January (in Canada no less) can be a serious struggle. And as far as I'm concerned, it's all about making your getaway as challenge-free as possible. Um, unless the challenge involves mojitos, of course ;)

Stream some Bob Marley, imagine yourself on a white sand beach and dream a little while you check out these resort-ready finds. Sigh...I'm feeling sunnier already...D




GLOW GETTER | Why I'm Officially Obsessed with Belif + a Glowing Skin Giveaway

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My NY Resolution for 2017 is simple: don't let anyone stick needles in my face. I make the same resolution every year, and I always succeed since there aren't needle-wielding weirdos wandering around looking for faces into which they can jab needles. Luckily. And yet, I'm approaching 40. And as my fine lines contemplate legit wrinkledom, the temptation is real. SO many people I know do it. And I'm sure loads of others do it on the DL. But I just don't want to willingly pay someone to paralyze my face. Also not a fan of paying someone to take off my face and put it back on, but let's revisit that in another 10 years shall we? Until then, I'm all about avoiding needles in my head. 

In an effort to age gracefully (read: desperately cling to my youth) I'm always on the hunt for products that deliver real results. My skin is super dry and overly-reactive and like so many other Canadians, it becomes particularly parched in the winter months. I need major moisture, but with a sensitive touch because I break out easily. Anything with parabens or sulfates are out. So are creams that cost $200 or lengthy nightly regimens that cut into my Bachelor-watching time. Too much to ask?

I've been hearing the buzz around Korean beauty brand belif for the past year so was excited to finally give it a go. Koreans are notoriously discerning with their skincare products so the fact that belif's The True Cream Moisturizing Bomb is the #1 beauty product (across all categories) in Korea's crazy competitive prestige beauty market speaks volumes. 

I started using belif over the holidays and The True Cream Moisturizing Bomb is like 8 glasses of water straight to your face. It's clinically tested to provide up to 26 hours of moisture and while I didn't actually count the hours since I was too busy eating cookies, my skin feels soft and supple all day long when I wear it. The cream releases an instant burst of moisture to your skin and then absorbs right away, without the heaviness or stickiness of some other heavy-duty creams I've tried. My skin has become calm and clear and dare I say, a little bit dewy. I don't know how it works (something about apothecary herbs and comfrey leaf) but it does. Oh, and did I mention it contains no parabens, sulfates or phthalates, plus no mineral oil, petrolatum, synthetic preservatives, dyes, fragrances, or animal origin ingredients. Love love love. 

I told the team at belif how much I love their products so they recently sent me the Hungarian Water Essence to test-drive. It's a lightweight, hydrating serum formulated with Hungarian water and a blend of 10 herbs including Rosemary & Gotu Kol. I've started using the serum before applying The True Cream and if anything, it has made my skin feel even more hydrated. Two simple steps every morning and I'm good to go.  Want to try belif and get your glow on in 2017? Pick up Belif products now at The Face Shop. In case I didn't make it super obvious, I am SUCH a fan. 

I originally bought Belif on my own so this is a 100% honest review which I wanted to share with you because I'm crazy in love like Beyonce. As in, if I wasn't already married, I might marry it. As in, I have nightmares about them discontinuing it. As in, I'm now an official Belifer. Speaking of which, check this out:


We're giving away a BELIF PRIZE PACK containing The True Cream ($47 value) and Hungarian Water Essence ($51 value) to one lucky winner so you can get the gift of glowing skin, too. Here's how to win it:

1) Follow me on Instagram @realliferunway

2) 'Like' the Belif giveaway post

3) Tag 2 friends in the post

Will announce the winner this Friday! Best of luck, beauties!



IN WITH THE NEW | 10 Fashion Resolutions Worth Keeping This Year

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Out with the old and in with the new.  From new takes on old classics to little risks with big fashion payoffs, we've found 10 updates your 2017 wardrobe's just going to love. Cheers to a happy, extra stylish, new year!




MERRY & BRIGHT | 50 Fun Gifts For Everyone Left On Your List

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I can't blame you for feeling overwhelmed by it all. I mean, December is always straight up manic - between making plans and hosting parties, grabbing gifts and doing good deeds, this time of year is all about stressing and hurrying and getting it done. But then, when all of that rushing is done, it's all about stopping. It's about pausing and relaxing and fa-la-laaing with your favourites. It's about crisp white days and silent nights. It's about spending time with the people we love. We forget about work and worries for awhile as we watch Clark Griswold light up the night (Joy to the Woooorld) and Kevin experiment with after-shave. We remember what it's like to feel like a kid again as we eagerly wait for Santa to arrive.

As we all learned from Dr. Seuss, we know that in Whoville at least, Christmas came without ribbons. It came without tags. It came without packages, boxes or bags. We know Christmas doesn't come from a store. We all know it means just a little bit more. But still, you have to admit it - giving great gifts is FUN. Since you're probably a little bit busy right now, I put together a list of 50 fun gifts for everyone on your nice list so you can quickly grab your gifts and get to all the good stuff just a little bit sooner. Happy holidays - hope you're enjoying every manic minute!