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SUMMER VIBES ONLY | These 35 Bright Finds Will Keep This Summer Party Rolling

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I don't know about you but I like to keep a good thing going. When I'm enjoying the moment and carpeing the diem, I don't really want to think too much about what's next because it's a total waste of my precious rosé-sipping time.  So when I see Harry Potter costumes at a big box store (Who Must Not Be Named) or hear ads for Back-to-(insert short name for Educational Institutions here), I get my back up a little. I mean, why are we rushing summer away? Why aren't we all sitting on a patio somewhere, soaking up the sun and living each summer day like we mean it.

Once we hit the middle of August, I am totally down with discussing fall - er, that next season that we're not going to talk about quite yet - and you can bet that I will. After all, as a fashion blogger, it's my duty to give you a sneak peek of what you'll be wearing next. But for now? For now, let's live for these extra long days. Let's take things down a notch at work (if you can and if not, tell your boss I'd like to speak to him/her right now please) and give ourselves a little more time to enjoy the summer vibes. And of course, let's put away the blacks and greys and embrace brights. Remember that there's no time like the very middle of summer to dress like it's still only the middle of summer. Glass. Half. Full. Speaking, am I going to have to refill this glass of rosé for myself? ;) Check out 35 bright finds below to help keep this summer party rolling. Hope your summer has been absolutely epic so far xx




JUMP ON IT | Brighten Up Your Winter Wardrobe Now

Iris Apfel & Karlie Kloss. via Kate Spade

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We're all feeling it right now. The deep freeze doneness. The all-black boredom. That all-consuming craving for brightness, lightness and warmth. Since we can't promise that the forecast is going to turn around anytime soon, it's up to us to do something about it. Luckily, our clothing is something we can control, so let's steer away from the black and grey for a moment shall we? I've found 15 bright ideas to help you beat your winter wardrobe blahs, with pieces that you can wear both now and later. The end of Feb is only a handful of days away so I can't think of a better time to brighten up. Happy (almost) March!




BRIGHT IDEA | Rock Colour This Fall

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The cold weather hits and suddenly, we're a mass of black - heads down, all angsty looking. In a word: depressing. And I'm definitely guilty of putting away most of my brights when the cold weather hits, too. Sure, I'm in fashion so it's practically a job requirement to have a bright coat here and a shocking accessory there but if I'm honest, it's mostly black. All. The. Time. 

So, I'm fighting against it this season. Not because it's particularly on trend, or because it's what any style expert said we should do. But because I'm in New York this week and against the backdrop of all the buildings and pavement and black-clad people, I can't stop staring at all of those bright yellow NYC cabs.

Let's be honest - you can never go wrong with neutrals (more on that later), but here are 40 bright and happy finds to pop on anytime you're feeling blah this fall. Oh, and I've included loads of gorgeous reds to take you right into the holidays, too...