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SUMMER VIBES ONLY | These 35 Bright Finds Will Keep This Summer Party Rolling

via H&M

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I don't know about you but I like to keep a good thing going. When I'm enjoying the moment and carpeing the diem, I don't really want to think too much about what's next because it's a total waste of my precious rosé-sipping time.  So when I see Harry Potter costumes at a big box store (Who Must Not Be Named) or hear ads for Back-to-(insert short name for Educational Institutions here), I get my back up a little. I mean, why are we rushing summer away? Why aren't we all sitting on a patio somewhere, soaking up the sun and living each summer day like we mean it.

Once we hit the middle of August, I am totally down with discussing fall - er, that next season that we're not going to talk about quite yet - and you can bet that I will. After all, as a fashion blogger, it's my duty to give you a sneak peek of what you'll be wearing next. But for now? For now, let's live for these extra long days. Let's take things down a notch at work (if you can and if not, tell your boss I'd like to speak to him/her right now please) and give ourselves a little more time to enjoy the summer vibes. And of course, let's put away the blacks and greys and embrace brights. Remember that there's no time like the very middle of summer to dress like it's still only the middle of summer. Glass. Half. Full. Speaking, am I going to have to refill this glass of rosé for myself? ;) Check out 35 bright finds below to help keep this summer party rolling. Hope your summer has been absolutely epic so far xx




Fashion Finds for the Queen's Plate

There’s getting dressed and then there’s getting dressed. While Queen’s Plate might have horse racing at its roots, everyone knows it’s really all about the fash-un. I mean, where else do you get to wear a bright floral formal dress for day? Where else do you get to hang with loads of dapper dudes all decked out? I’m talking suspenders, bow-ties, jaunty hats and pastel jackets - sometimes all at once. And unless you find yourself on the guest list at a British wedding, when else will you ever get to wear a fascinator? Never. Which is why Queen’s Plate should be on everyone’s summer bucket list.
While the Queen’s Plate event might seem intimidating to a first-timer, it’s so not. When it comes to Queen’s Plate, I’ve learned that anything goes. The best part? You don’t have to spend all your winnings to look amazing. Head over to the Vaughan Mills blog to see the need-to-know Queen's Plate style tips I’ve gleaned over the years...



FLOW RIDER: How to Wear Soft Pants this Summer

Long, loose & lovely, how pretty are these pants from the H&M Conscious Collection? Photo courtesy H&M. 

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I've got a soft spot for soft pants. Okay, fine I have a soft spot for pyjamas. I wear them all weekend and often think to myself, 'Wouldn't it be lovely to wear these all of the time?' And while pyjama dressing has been a 'thing' for a few years now, let's be honest - nobody other than supermodels and Europeans can actually get away with this trend. At Paris Fashion Week, the paps would be all over you. In London, Ont. (or any other small town in Canada for that matter), you'd only get pitying looks and maybe a few honks from passersby.

Soft pants, though, are something we can all get away with. Loose, flowy and supremely comfy, there are so many cute ways to make soft pants work for you. Whether you go with prints or solids, with wide or tapered legs or with long pants or shorts, summer is the perfect time to walk away from stiff, constricting fabrics. 

Go on, slip into something more comfortable. These three pretty looks will help you go with the flow all summer long...  





15 Stylish Summer Updates

Photo courtesy Smart Set

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It's amazing how little it takes to feel refreshed and renewed. Take an amazing new pair of shoes - I've seen them take me from depressed to elated in 5 seconds flat. Add a handbag to the mix and I feel like a new person - a more stylish, more organized, more grown-up version of me. I'm not going to pretend that shopping changes the world, but it can certainly change your world, especially after the epic hibernation we experienced this past winter.

If you're finally ready to get out there and update your wardrobe for the new season, I've got the perfect finds for you. From the wearable crop top (really!), to the shoes you'll love to choose, read on for the stylish instant summer updates you can start wearing now. I don't know about you but I feel happier already...