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WEEKEND WARRIORS | These 30 Finds Will Take Your Off-Duty Wardrobe from Meh to Amazing

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Originally posted in The Fashion Scoop

I love my job. I really do. But if I'm honest...I mean, if I had to choose between the work week and the weekend, the weekend always wins. I'm not talking Selena Gomez's The Weekend. I'm talking those blissful few days at the tail end of a long week that involve chilling. 

I like to keep my weekends chilled in every respect: chilled out vibes that include as few plans as possible, chilled wine or beer (rosé all day, Corona por favor), and a maximally chill wardrobe. I cannot possibly do the weekend to my fullest potential if any of those 3 boxes are left unchecked. And so, I make it my mission every Friday to Sunday to cross off each of those to-do's to chill as productively as possible. 

When it comes to your weekend wardrobe, these late summer days might have you feeling some wardrobe fatigue. Perhaps your shorts are too short. Perhaps your tees feel just a little too loved. Or maybe, just maybe, you just feel like shopping because in my mind, getting new clothes releases dopamine, which results in an overall feeling of yup, you guessed it: chill. Goals = met. 

Scroll through the thumbnails below to check out 30 finds that will take your off-duty wardrobe from meh to amazeballs. Oh, and speaking of the weekend...yay! Happy Friday!




SUMMER VIBES ONLY | These 35 Bright Finds Will Keep This Summer Party Rolling

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 Originally posted in The CLOSET

I don't know about you but I like to keep a good thing going. When I'm enjoying the moment and carpeing the diem, I don't really want to think too much about what's next because it's a total waste of my precious rosé-sipping time.  So when I see Harry Potter costumes at a big box store (Who Must Not Be Named) or hear ads for Back-to-(insert short name for Educational Institutions here), I get my back up a little. I mean, why are we rushing summer away? Why aren't we all sitting on a patio somewhere, soaking up the sun and living each summer day like we mean it.

Once we hit the middle of August, I am totally down with discussing fall - er, that next season that we're not going to talk about quite yet - and you can bet that I will. After all, as a fashion blogger, it's my duty to give you a sneak peek of what you'll be wearing next. But for now? For now, let's live for these extra long days. Let's take things down a notch at work (if you can and if not, tell your boss I'd like to speak to him/her right now please) and give ourselves a little more time to enjoy the summer vibes. And of course, let's put away the blacks and greys and embrace brights. Remember that there's no time like the very middle of summer to dress like it's still only the middle of summer. Glass. Half. Full. Speaking, am I going to have to refill this glass of rosé for myself? ;) Check out 35 bright finds below to help keep this summer party rolling. Hope your summer has been absolutely epic so far xx




NINETIES BABY | 3 Throwback Summer Trends We're Totally Feeling

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Originally posted in The Fashion Scoop

I won't tell you how old I am but let's just say that I remember the '90s. I remember them well. And I recall that for me, my sister's closet played a starring role. She was four years older, and I was old enough to know better - but that didn't stop me from devising 007-worthy tactics to raid her closet. She had the BEST wardrobe. I'm talking denim distressed in all the right places, perfectly worn leather belts, baggy boyfriend shirts & super soft tees, oversized blazers & body-hugging bodysuits that I had absolutely no chance of filling out (sadly). She had a job and I didn't, so she bought her own clothes while I had to make do with very uncool hand-me-downs. That first time I wore one of her jackets to school, let's just say that she wasn't super stoked to find it lying crumpled up on my bedroom floor. And the time after, once she'd put a sister-proof lock on her bedroom door which I figured out how to bypass with a bobbypin, she was even less stoked.

My obsession with my sister's '90s closet taught me two important lessons: 1) Never, ever touch your older sister's stuff. Definitely not worth it. I should know. and 2) If the opportunity ever presents itself to score an epic '90s wardrobe once you can actually afford to buy your own things, take it.

Luckily, some of my fave obsessions from the '90s are back and I can't wait to live in them this summer. Slinky slipdresses can go from sexy for date nights to playful by adding a little white tee underneath.  Sleek bodysuits are amazing for taking the frump-factor out of this season's high-waisted pants & shorts. And long blazers (either floral kimono-style or boss-babe businessy), look great with jogger-style pants (as shown below) or with distressed pale denim shorts (see above). Scroll down for some '90s summer outfit inspo, courtesy of my perenially cool sis (who has hopefully forgiven me by now) ;)





SUMMER STYLE CLASS | 3 Ways to Do Off-Duty Like an It Girl

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Originally posted in The Fashion Scoop

Fridays are always good, but this is not just any Friday. It's the Friday before the long weekend (yay!) and like so many of you, I plan on making the most of these next 3 days. For people who are camping this weekend, please stop reading now, douse yourself in OFF, and come back to us once you've come to your senses. Camping is for tees, joggers and, for the hardcore fashion peeps like me, cute casual looks like these. For the rest of us, it's time to chat off-duty summer style. 

There's the time-off outfits we all wear when we know we won't be seeing anyone. Do All-Day PJ's ring a bell? But for those precious vacation hours when we're meeting friends for lunch, heading to a fun backyard bbq, or going out for date night, it's always a bonus to look amazing. Here's how I suggest you do it:

BE A BOHO BEAUTY | Tassels, fringe & flowy dresses will help you feel like a boho goddess, whether you're hitting up a music festival or just heading to the Market. Inspiration: Pretty Little Liars' Shay Mitchell's flowy beach waves (use a salt spray to mimic her tousled beachy perfection), sweet cotton dress and cool leather sandals. A fun straw fedora will protect your locks from the sun and/or rain (fingers crossed for sun, please) when you're outside. 

BE A MODERN MUSE | Let's face it: a modern style influencer like Olivia Palermo never really goes 'off-duty'. If you always like to look polished like OP, opt for sleek black & white pieces which mix & match perfectly if you decide to head away for the weekend. Don't forget sky-high sandals, an enviably awesome watch and a pop-bright handbag. Oh, and chic don't-bother-me sunnies - after all, the paparazzi doesn't take time off either. 

HAVE A GARDEN PARTY | Want to look sweet and summer-ready like Taylor Swift? Fun florals, either as a dress or matching set, will help you bring out your feminine side this weekend no matter what's on the agenda. Keep it low key with cute sneakers or add heels for a flirty date night look.

Scroll down for 3 ways to do off-duty like an It girl. Happy looooong weekend!



FASHION CLASS | Score Effortless Summer Style in Seconds

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Originally posted in The Fashion Scoop

The middle of July is one of my favourite times of summer. The stresses of end-of-school have subsided, work has resumed but at a much less frantic pace, and I haven't even started to think about fall yet. Oops, just did. My wardrobe has relaxed a bit, too. While I always like to look polished and put together, it just doesn't feel right to spend loads of time putting together outfits this time of year. 

My summer fashion philosophy? If you can throw it on and go, it's good. I mean, I don't even want to see an ironing board until September. Luckily, there are loads of stylish options for women like me who want to be lazy but don't want to sacrifice their style in the process - from easy, breezy summer dresses to chic basics that you'll rely on summer after summer. 

Want to look like your favourite Instagrammers? I've rounded up the pieces you need to score effortless summer style in seconds. After all, I'm sure you have more important things to do than worry about your outfit, like, um, sangria? Yup, thought so...