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NINETIES BABY | 3 Throwback Summer Trends We're Totally Feeling

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I won't tell you how old I am but let's just say that I remember the '90s. I remember them well. And I recall that for me, my sister's closet played a starring role. She was four years older, and I was old enough to know better - but that didn't stop me from devising 007-worthy tactics to raid her closet. She had the BEST wardrobe. I'm talking denim distressed in all the right places, perfectly worn leather belts, baggy boyfriend shirts & super soft tees, oversized blazers & body-hugging bodysuits that I had absolutely no chance of filling out (sadly). She had a job and I didn't, so she bought her own clothes while I had to make do with very uncool hand-me-downs. That first time I wore one of her jackets to school, let's just say that she wasn't super stoked to find it lying crumpled up on my bedroom floor. And the time after, once she'd put a sister-proof lock on her bedroom door which I figured out how to bypass with a bobbypin, she was even less stoked.

My obsession with my sister's '90s closet taught me two important lessons: 1) Never, ever touch your older sister's stuff. Definitely not worth it. I should know. and 2) If the opportunity ever presents itself to score an epic '90s wardrobe once you can actually afford to buy your own things, take it.

Luckily, some of my fave obsessions from the '90s are back and I can't wait to live in them this summer. Slinky slipdresses can go from sexy for date nights to playful by adding a little white tee underneath.  Sleek bodysuits are amazing for taking the frump-factor out of this season's high-waisted pants & shorts. And long blazers (either floral kimono-style or boss-babe businessy), look great with jogger-style pants (as shown below) or with distressed pale denim shorts (see above). Scroll down for some '90s summer outfit inspo, courtesy of my perenially cool sis (who has hopefully forgiven me by now) ;)





Tough Love: Grunge 2.0

Freja Beha Erichsen gets her grunge on in the Reserved Fall '13 Lookbook. 

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You may not have been lucky enough to live through it; The days when Donna, David, Steve, Kelly, Brenda, Brandon, Dylan and some random girl named Andrea (An-DRAY-ah) ruled primetime and we all knew the Beverly Hills zip code. Where Liv Tyler and her besties worked at Empire Records, selling music (but not selling out, of course). Where Ethan Hawke and Jared Leto were so hot but everything else was like, 'Whatever'. Kurt Cobain and Eddie Vedder filled walkmans with All Apologies and Rear View Mirrors. And instead of selfies, tweets and Instagram, there were just camcorders, playing cards and bush parties. Then Kurt Cobain died, Soundgarden broke up, and Britney Spears put on her cheerleader outfit, and the grunge era was officially gone. Sigh...

Until now, that is. Grunge style is back in a very big way, with plaid flannel, ripped jeans, layered up tees, floral frocks, slip dresses and combat boots flooding the stores this fall. Wicked.

Whether you were a '90s teen or are just trying this out for the first time, see below for the essential pieces you need to be a total grunge goddess. (Oh, and don't forget to rock out to Nirvana to get in the (teen) spirit)...