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Club Monaco's Spring Lookbook

Full of free-spirited layers and eclectic prints, Club Monaco's late spring lookbook is like a little ode to Cali's massive upcoming music fest Coachella.  The textured fabrics act like pattern, with open weave and delicate lace detailing.  Meanwhile, graphic tees, bright accents and geometric prints add a modern twist to the collection.  For men, fabrics get a little messed up:  chambrays are acid-washed, seersucker is overdyed, and everything looks like it's been thrown out in the desert sun for a long, hot Coachella weekend.  

If it weren't for the porta-potties and the greasy hippies, I would totally be there.  Whoops! Did I just say that out loud? 

OOH!  And breaking news:  Club Monaco's US online shop is now officially open for business, with the Canadian e-shop set to launch in April.  Hooray!  Is anyone else doing a lot more online shopping lately?  Am I the only one who feels like this is a very, very bad thing for self-control?

Click on the thumbnails below (you know the drilly-o) to take a look at Club Monaco's late spring/summer collection:


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