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Janette in Stripes

Striped Tee - Forever 21

Skinny Jeans - French Connection Outlet

Pendant Necklace - Thomas Sabo 

They say that stylish women are confident women.  Nothing could be truer than with Janette, whose eclectic style perfectly matches her quirky personality.  She knows fashion like a sports enthusiast knows his hockey stats, (Chanel's 1993 Fall Couture Show anyone??  Nope, didn't think so...), but never takes her look, or herself, too seriously.  You can always tell that Janette has a lot of fun with fashion which is one of the main reasons people find her so undeniably chic.  She can be Parisian prim one day and rocker glam the next, fearlessly bouncing from one style to the other.  I've always loved her carefree approach to fashion and she constantly reminds me how important it is to avoid getting stuck in a fashion rut.  Here she is rocking her stripes with skinny jeans and a conversation-starter necklace.  It's amazing how such a simple look can be so striking.  Catch Janette's design segment on CityLine every week and keep checking back here for more of her fun, fresh looks.



With life getting faster and faster, do you ever feel like just getting away from it all?  No, I don't mean hauling your SUV to Muskoka for a weekend at your cottage on Lake Joe, though that does sound awfully nice.  I mean, really getting away from it all - no Blackberries, no ceramic flat-iron, no Facebook.  Just you, a porch swing and a wheat sheaf in your teeth.  Ahhh...there is something so refreshingly simple about the country.  Now you know that Karl Lagerfeld has never set foot on a farm but somehow, he and many other 'city folk' designers were seriously inspired by pastoral chic this year.  If you want to take a little romp in the fashion hay yourself, take your cue from the D&G runway and pair white with rich brown accents.  I love the laid-back feel of it all and the best thing about being country chic without having to move to a farm?  You can still have your Starbucks.  Phew!        Real Life Runway Tip:  Once the thermostat moves up a few notches, feel free to ditch the jeans and you'll have a whole new look.  Gap also carries some long, flowy white dresses that would be perfect for a carefree roll down any hill à la Laura Ingalls.  Didn't you just love that?!  If you're under 25, just google it, then find your closest hill. 


Great Whites

Michael Kors, Karl Lagerfeld and Fendi, Spring 2010 - photos courtesy

I had every intention of going to the gym last night.  Fortunately, my friend called and twisted my twistable arm all the way to Dairy Queen.  Not surprisingly, that's where our journey ended.  Ice cream flavours, I've realized, are a deeply ingrained part of one's psyche.  My mom loves Vanilla and you'd expect that would make her straight-laced, predictable even.  The real ice cream truth?  Fact is, and this is so true of my mom, if you prefer Vanilla, you are supposedly a colourful, dramatic risk taker who tends to be emotionally expressive and highly creative.  As much as I adore colour, I couldn't help but fall in love with this season's crop of gorgeous little white dresses.  The LWD made an appearance on nearly every designer's roster this spring and has all but replaced its black counterpart.  The LBD is sooo 2009.  The thing that I most adore about this new must-have is its ability, like all true classics, to be transformed by a simple little shoe change or accessory.  You can rock the Casper by pairing a white frock with lucite trimmings or go for a silver-lining as seen at Karl Lagerfeld, Ralph Lauren and Fendi.  With white as your canvas, vivid red or turquoise accessories lend a dramatically gorgeous effect.  You see?  Vanilla is anything but boring.  Real Life Runway Tip:  Never, ever, and I'll add another EVER for good measure, wear a white bra or underwear beneath white.  Always go for nude underthings as they'll do an immediate and welcome disappearing act.  Concerned about looking ghost-like?  The drugstore shelves are stacked with   bronzers and self-tanners that will help lessen the effects of a Vitamin D-free winter.

Take a look at these fab LWD's and some perfect go-with accessories:


Get Cracking

Chris Benz Spring 2010, Martha Stewart.  Photos courtesy Harper's Bazaar and

There's something so unapologetically pretty about Easter egg hues.  With Easter Weekend upon us, I thought it appropriate to shine a little light on the pretty, amped-up pastels that inundated the runways this season.  Chris Benz mastered the look perfectly and I like to imagine even the most jaded editors trying desperately to conceal their delight at this springy scene.  After a long winter, I think we're all very ready for spring.  Hope you all have a wonderful Easter with your family, friends and Mini Eggs.

Even though stores are closed today, check out these sweet pieces.  Oh, and if you haven't heard of Anthropologie, check out their site at  They now have a few Canadian locations and you can even order online!


Wrap Party

CWise from Top Left: Derek Lam, Burberry, Thakoon, Derek Lam, Gucci, Fendi, Spring 2010 - photos

Being pregnant means that as my belly expands, my fashion choices get increasingly slim.  Having a baby = exciting.  Not being able to shop = flat out depressing.  Thank goodness for shoes!  No matter how big I get or what kind of a day I'm having, I can always count on these purveyors of pleasure to help me feel fab.  The best part?  They always fit.  I am always a size 9.  Please don't let me get swollen ankles.  Speaking of which, designers had ankles all wrapped up this season with soft ties, hardware and covetable cuffs, bringing this often-ignored body part centre stage.  These beauties can make an otherwise ordinary outfit extraordinary and since they're wrapped around your ankle, you won't ever have to worry about losing a shoe, Cinderella-style, at midnight.  Is it normal to have simultaneous shoe and ice-cream cravings?  Real Life Runway Tip:  Soft, buttery neutrals are your best bet for invoking everyday foot envy.  Greys, caramels and taupes will make your legs appear longer rather than cutting you off in all the wrong places.  Black ankle-wrap pumps are equally stunning if you feeling like channeling your own little Sasha Fierce.   (PS - Sorry about the late post today...late night at Fashion Week in Toronto.  More to come on that later)

Click on the thumbnails below to see some of my faves: