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Jess in Grey


Boots - Le Chateau
Leggings - Garage
Camisole under sweater - Urban Planet
Grey sweater and belt - Suzy Shier
Bag and owl ring - H & M
Headband - Old Navy
Circle scarf - Banana Republic
Sunglasses - Winners

I know that the blogosphere is completely overwhelmed by sartorialist knock-offs but I must say that there is a lot to be said for seeing what 'real' girls are wearing.  I have a few friends who constantly inspire me with their sense of style and thought I would share some of their looks with you.  Jess has been my friend since grade one and is one of my most creative friends.  Instead of selling lemonade like every other kid,  Jess would pull out her mom's sewing machine and craft hair accessories and felt brooches to sell to her neighbours.  As she's grown up, she has graduated from felt to fashion and is amazing at putting together a look.  Okay, so obviously everything looks good on a blonde, 6' tall pilates instructor.  What Jess does best, though, is that she never tries to hide her height like so many other tall girls.  She wears her clothes (stilettos included) with a confidence that makes people do double-takes.  She can make a shirt from Dynamite look, well, dynamite, but knows that the key to making cheap look chic is all about the accessories.  This tonal grey outfit is a perfect spring look when it's too warm for jackets but too cold for tees.  Luckily, the snow in this pic is already becoming a distant memory.  Keep checking back for more looks from my RLR Girls!


Worried that wearing black and blue together will leave you battered and bruised by the fashion po-po?  Fashion laws are made to be broken and really, are there any rules in fashion anymore?  No white after Labour Day?  I love winter white.  No short skirts after 30?  Have you seen my legs?  I'm showing these off until I'm at least 70.  Hee!  Crocs to work?  Okay, fine, wearing crocs anywhere should absolutely be outlawed.  In the case of this killer look from Dries Van Noten, black and blue is quite obviously a fashion 'do' when done right.  I love the surprising contrast between the two shades and think they make a perfect segway between the seasons of snow-tires and snow-cones.  Real Life Runway Tip:  The best way to get the most out of this colour combo is by ensuring that the black is jet and the blue is vibrant.  A dull blue will take all of the oomph out of this fashion upper-cut.  Want to look even more stunning?  Go for blackest black mascara (Maybelline Great Lash Mascara has a perfect budget-friendly version) and smudgy black eyeliner to complete your look. 


She Sells Seashells

Chanel and Louis Vuitton, Resort 2010 - photos courtesy

The nautical trend was ubiquitous this season, particularly for the resort collections where Karl Lagerfeld, Sonia Rykiel and Marc Jacobs clearly had buoys on their minds.  Many of the runway takes were quite literal but unless you want to look like you're actually about to board a yacht, a piece here or there will do.  Horizontal stripes, navy accents and flashes of gold (faux or real) say that you're ready for your ship to come in.  Real Life Runway Tip:  Horizontal stripes always get a bad rap but did you know that narrow stripes actually create a 'ladder effect', tricking the eye to look up and down rather than focusing on your width?  If you want to be really strategic about it, put narrow stripes in areas you want to downplay and wide stripes in areas you'd like to accentuate and you'll be ready for some smooth sailing.  There are just so many good sailor puns!

Here are a some of my fave Riviera-worthy finds:


Molly in Pink


I'm not sure if chiffon is flammable but you must admit, Molly Ringwald knew how to rock a pink bridesmaid dress like no other. 


Remember the last scene in Pretty in Pink (or was it 16 Candles?) where Molly Ringwald has finally snagged her Jake and they're sitting cross-legged on top of the dining room table, birthday cake flames flickering dangerously between them as they lean in for potentially THE most awkward kiss ever.  Tell me you didn't wish it was you.  I am loving all of the pretty pinks that popped up all over the runways this season and though indeed a very girly colour, pink is undeniably irresistible.  Even if you don't fancy yourself a 'pink person', I dare you to try it out this spring.  After all, it just might help you score that perfect Jake.  Real Life Runway Tip:  What I love about this look from Tommy Hilfiger is the grounding effect of the black blazer.  It adds that perfect hint of sophistication to all of the cotton-candy sweetness.  The shoes are a sidenote but neutral is your best bet for visually elongating your gams.