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CANADA 150, EH? | These Fashionable Finds Will Make You Feel SO Canadian

via Roots

Originally posted in The CLOSET

Campfires. Gord Downie. Timmies. Pond hockey. Muskoka chairs. Loon calls. Bautista bat flips. Complaining about the weather. Saying sorry. A lot. Paleness. Patio parties. Backyard bbqs. Justin Trudeau doing push-ups.

We might all be different but there's something about being Canadian that unites us. We work hard but we play harder. We love fiercely, we're polite and we're kind - buuut we still like to cause some trouble because how else could we possibly get through 8 months of winter? We love our nature and we love our summers because we know that before too long, they're gone. We're far from perfect but we're working on it. Most of us have never seen a beaver. And most of us will find that last sentence funny. 

Unlike our American counterparts, our patriotism is a steady, quiet sort. While we love Canada, it's not the decal-your-car-in-Canadian-flags kinda love. But with Canada 150 just a few weeks away, this might be the year to get just a little bit loud. 

Rock maple-leaf hats & sweatshirts from Roots (one of our country's biggest retail success stories) or Made in Canada finds from Le Château. Try flirty dresses from stores that you didn't even know were Canadian or homegrown beauty products to help you embrace your short-lived summer glow. Pick up some new shoes from a Canadian fave (shout-out to ALDO) or treat yourself to a few things from Hudson's Bay.  Love this country as much as we do? Scroll below for some fashionable finds that will help you wear your heart on your sleeve this summer.

Happy 150th birthday Canada! We love you xx






ela MILCK Lipstick Stud Clutch, $300, the code

Gwyneth Paltrow with Tom Ford (and her ela MILCK). Photo via ela's WORLD

With all of the saving we do on the daily here at RLR, the occasional splurge can always be justified. I know I've mentioned ela handbags before but a brand this good (and Canadian to boot) bears repeating. ela has garnered a devoted following over the past few years, thanks to the brand's luxe materials and sophisticated designs; her bags are classic, cool and always seem to elicit compliments anytime I tote mine around. Since Gwyneth was recently spotted carrying the ela MILCK (money/ID/lipstick/cell/keys), looks like the bag's It status has officially been cemented. 

We love the metallic and classic black version but this perfect red is particularly ready to go for the Canada Day weekend. If you don't already own one (or even if you do) get your ela MILCK now at Holt Renfrew, or

Happy loooong weekend!




With Glowing Hearts

Does it get more Canadian than Degrassi? Sarah Fisher of Degrassi gets her pom pom on for the Roots Summer '13 Lookbook. Photo courtesy Roots.

Sometimes, you don't know what you've got 'til it's gone. I've travelled quite a bit, even lived in Europe for a year, but as much as I love to explore other countries, I always really miss Canada when I'm not here. I'm not sure if it's the super friendly people or the beautiful change of seasons or the Timbits (probably the Timbits), but you must admit, being a Canadian rocks. We are gloriously free to think, to do, to be whatever we want. And since this is a fashion blog, let's not forget how lucky we are to be able to dress however we want, too. 

This July 1st, why not show Canada some sartorial love? If you're a loud and proud patriot, wear your flag emblazoned boldly on your sleeve with the chic Canadiana at Roots or hop on over to Hudson's Bay for the country's oldest, most iconic print - the HBC stripe. You'll break out these pieces year after year so you can totally justify. Consider yourself a more low-key Canadienne? Get in the spirit by wearing Canada's colours, of course...

Read the full story and get your free Canada Day-ready iTunes compilation from Roots here 


True North, Strong & Fab


Canada: An Infographic, by Kirstin Hallett

MILCK Clutch, $196,

Oh Canada Tea Towel, $26, Roots

Suede Bootie, $100, ALDO

Originally posted in The Fashion Scoop

We're pretty lucky to live where we do. Sure, we've got unpredictable weather, from our breathtaking cold-snaps in the winter to our sweltering heat waves in the summer. We've got pesky black flies and longer-than-average wait-times and sometimes, our politicians can't quite make up their minds.  Yet this gorgeous country allows us to raise our kids in safety, with its good schools and relatively good healthcare system.  Add to the mix our Timbits (yum), poutine (double yum), maple syrup (I'll spare you the agony...), hockey games, CBC and of course, Justin Bieber, and there's really nowhere in the world I'd rather be.  This weekend, we'll bust out the red and white, crack open a few cold ones and shoot fireworks into the sky. We'll eat strawberry cake, splash around in our lovely lakes and generally just get out (and aboot) to soak up our beautiful outdoors. Though Canadiana kitsch is a lot less rampant (and a lot less loud) than that of our neighbours to the south, it doesn't mean we can't show our pride this Canada Day.  These fun and stylish finds will help you do just that, whether you buy them for yourself or give them as a gift to your Canada Day hosts.  Great idea, eh? For more Canadiana gems, read on...