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DRESSED TO CHILL | 4 Off-Duty Looks to Try Out This Summer

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We wait and we wait and then, we wait some more. Canadians are SO good at waiting. But when July finally hits, make no mistake: we want summer. We want the feeling of the sun on our shoulders and an icy cold glass in our hands. And when it comes to fashion, we want to make the absolute most of our little window of warmth to look as cute as possible. 

So let's not wait a second longer. Let's push our basic shorts and tees aside and get a little cray. Let's rock little white dresses with cool silver accessories and head somewhere sunny for an epic weekend brunch. Let's book that girls night, even though it might seem impossible to fit in, and rock cool girl black from head-to-toe for the best night out ever. Instead of passing that patio, let's grab a seat right in the middle and stay there all day in distressed denim, a fun tee and a cute baseball cap. And for those oh-so-necessary date nights, let's rock sexy lace with playful floral sneakers to make the absolute most of it. 

Happy July, y'all. Let's do this...





SAVING IN STYLE | My Made in Canada Mission at Le Ch√Ęteau Outlet

I'm not gonna lie. When Le Château asked me to go on a shopping trip at their Le Château Outlet store, I wasn't sure what I'd find. As anyone who reads my blog knows, I am no label snob. But I wondered, if it weren't for my blogger job, would I normally ever shop at a Le Château Outlet? With so many of our stores falling to US retailers, I'm all about supporting Canadian brands. And Le Château's Made in Canada collection has made me a fan, so why not try the outlet? Challenge accepted.

Armed with a gift card and a mission to spend it, I head to my local Le Château Outlet. Just like Le Château stores, I find the hunt is always worth the effort. I bypass the prom dress section and head straight for the shoes, honing in on a gorgeous pair of Made in Italy leather sandals for $99.99 and genuine Spanish-made gold espadrilles for $49.99. I always get distracted by the shoes. My basic tees are in rough shape so I'm stoked to find perfectly drapey grey, black and white Made in Canada tees, all super soft and beautifully constructed. Yes to all 3, please. I add a fun knit polka-dot dress, a two-tone jumpsuit and some gorgeous checked pants (all made in Canada) to my fitting room stash.  I'm super impressed by the quality and fit, and end up walking out with the tees, the jumpsuit and the checked pants (which I loooove). While I definitely had to do a little hunting, it was totally worth it for these Made in Canada pieces. Um, and maybe 1 pair of Made in Italy shoes. Sorry not sorry :) 

Want to check out Le Château Outlet for yourself? Shop 24/7 online here or check out Canadian Outlet locations here, then be sure to share your scores using #SavinginStyle #LeChateauOutlet. 

Made in Italy heels for $89.99 plus some sweet summer sandals for $19.99

Love this shimmery silver clutch.

That perfect drapey tee every woman needs, only made in Canada.


A Made in Canada dotted dress. 

Mwah. Love this. 

A statement silver choker makes the cut

Checked pants: check. 


BRIGHT IDEA | #AHairBetter with John Frieda

I’m nervous. Naturally, I’m nervous. As someone notoriously laissez-faire when it comes to hair, I can barely deal with a dryer, let alone hair dye. And yet, that’s exactly what I’ve been asked to do. Like handing a toddler a pack of matches, I’ve been asked to use some revolutionary new at-home products that allow you to lighten your hair in the shower. By yourself. This, to me, is completely terrifying.

‘Life’s too short not to take risks,’ I tell myself. ‘I can always dye it back,’ I reason. And so, I’ve signed and sealed a contract with John Frieda® to try out their Brilliant Brunette Visibly BrighterTM collection. I love John Frieda®. A loyal, lifelong fan since I was a teenager, but still...I’m nervous. 

This is my hair now. I had it dyed dark last month and loved it at the beginning, but as you can see, it has now faded into a basic block of brown. I decide to read up on exactly what I’ve committed to. The John Frieda® Brilliant Brunette® Visibly BrighterTM collection is designed to instantly lighten your brunette to 1 shade lighter than your current colour. It lightens your hair within its normal spectrum, so it won’t appear bleached or orange. Okay, that’s good. You don’t need to be precise with the application. Also good. And it can be used on natural or colour-treated hair like mine. Perfect. Okay, here goes nothing. Ack. 


Before I begin, I make sure to have some inspirational summer things nearby as comfort. My husband’s in California for work this week and my kids are at school right now, so I have no moral support here. My new sunglasses and a sunny yellow tulip make me think happy, sun-kissed, perfect summery hair thoughts. The Brilliant Brunette® Visibly BrighterTM In-Shower Lightening Treatment has a dual tube applicator with a developer and activator that you blend together in your hand in the shower. The formula activates and foams up once you mix it. The instructions are suspiciously simple: 

1)    Snap off cap

2)    Blend formula in your hand

3)    Work through hair

4)    Rinse hands

5)    Leave on for 5 minutes

6)    Rinse

7)    Follow with Brilliant Brunette® Visibly BrighterTM Subtle Lightening Shampoo & Conditioner (if desired - yes, I desire) for daily maintenance. 

The In-Shower Lightening Treatment definitely smells like hair dye which freaks me out a little, but the product really is super easy to use - even for someone as inept with hair as I am. I’m amazed that it only takes 5 minutes to get results, but since I don’t want to overdo it, I skip the shampoo and conditioning part and decide to wash my hair tomorrow. Baby steps. I get out of the shower and inch my way towards the mirror. My hair still looks dark, but then again, it’s soaking wet. I’ll have to wait. Still nervous.

I let my hair air dry like I usually do. It looks like it’s maybe a shade lighter than before, but if it’s lightened, it’s really subtle. This relieves me to no end. My hair feels a bit dry, but considering I didn’t use any conditioner, I’m surprised to find that it still feels quite healthy. Less nervous now. 


I’ve just washed my hair with the Brilliant Brunette® Visibly BrighterTM Subtle Lightening Shampoo & Conditioner. It’s formulated with honey and marigold flower extract, and cleanses while gradually infusing golden tones to illuminate the spectrum of your existing brunette. I’m thrilled to see that it’s ammonia and peroxide free. The conditioner is dreeeaammmy. I can tell that my hair is going to feel super soft when I’m done. And it does. Once my hair dries, I can see that it’s a little bit brighter.


Day 3 is when I start to become a real believer. I wash my hair again and this time, I can really see the brightening effect. My hair is multi-tonal and looks like it has loads of movement. Without adding anything to my hair at all (like literally no product other than the shampoo & conditioner) my hair ends up looking like this after using a curling wand.


Time to wash my hair again. I’m the kind of person who washes my hair only when I really need to wash my hair. I normally wash it every 3 days (or 2 if I go to hot yoga) and so am expecting my hair to dry out quickly. Incredibly, instead of drying out, it seems to just be getting softer. Again, no other styling products. 


After washing my hair today, I decide to do the car test. According to makeup artists I’ve worked with on TV, natural, driver-side visor mirror light is the most honest light you’ll ever find. This pic has no filters, no indoor lighting, no hiding from the truth. And I’m so thrilled to see that my hair is brighter and dimensional and seriously, exactly how I’d want a stylist to give me highlights if I paid a stylist to give me highlights. 


I’m now fully, completely, obsessed with the Brilliant Brunette® Visibly BrighterTM collection. I look like I’ve had balayage. In fact, a friend at school drop-off just asked who does my balayage in Kitchener. ‘I DID MY OWN BALAYAGE!’ is what I want to scream, but instead I take out my phone to show her a pic of the John Frieda® products, ‘You seriously have to try this stuff.’ 


Now that the week-long trial is over, I going to stop washing my hair every day. But as a total super-fan, I’ll continue to use the Brilliant Brunette® Subtle Lightening Shampoo & Conditioner any time I want to subtly brighten up my locks. I’m thrilled to know that I can get a basic dye with my stylist to cover any greys, and then use the Brilliant Brunette® collection to give my hair healthy, natural-looking highlights. Thank you John Frieda® for my brilliant, brighter new brunette locks. Like I told my friend, you seriously have to try this stuff.

Ooh, and don't miss this: our friends from John Frieda are holding #AHairBetterContest where you could win a hair makeover and a stylish weekend getaway for two! Get your luscious locks over to their contest page for more info. Good luck!

As a FLARE Style Scout, I received compensation for participating in this program; however, all views are my own. 


Clearly a Great Giveaway

Wearing my new Kam Dhillon gold frames. 

All accessories have the power to make or break an outfit. Glasses, though - glasses should never be underestimated. After all, they sit squarely on the bridge of your nose, making them literally so in-your-face that they can't be overlooked. While I wear contacts most days, I have a small (tiny, wee, rivalling my shoe obsession) obsession with fun glasses. Whether prescription-filled or not, I can't handle wearing glasses that make me look older/more serious than I am. I own round pink glasses, clear squares, and oversized tortoiseshells but I felt my collection was missing something. 

Luckily, saved the day. The new Kam Dhillon collection is loaded with tempting peepers and they offered to send me one of their on-point pairs to test out. From gilded to pastel to boho, the collection hits on all of the season's top trends. I immediately honed in on the gold cat-eyes. So shiny, so sexy and so much fun - I had to have. Suddenly my other glasses look all kindsa boring. And I've officially stowed away my contacts for the fall. 

Thanks to the kind team at, I'm giving away a pair of Kam Dhillon glasses to one lucky reader. Whether you're in need of a new pair for fall or just like to change things up like me, you're going to love this new collection. 


1) Leave a comment below telling me which pair of Kam Dhillon glasses you want to take home from the options below

2) Follow @realliferunway & @clearlyca on Twitter and tweet the following for a bonus entry '@realliferunway & @clearlyca are giving away a pair of Kam Dhillon glasses & I want to #win!'

3) Must be a resident of Canada to enter this contest. 

4) Contest ends Friday, October 2nd at 5pm

5) Good luck!

Kam Dhillon Claudia Bare

Kam Dhillon Theresa Hazel

Kam Dhillon Sophia Gold