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LET'S HEAR IT FOR THE BOY | Our Fail-Proof Father's Day Gift Guide

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My husband was just away for 8 days in Winnipeg. I knew that we would miss him. But I also knew I could handle it. If nothing else, I know how to get sh*% (shtuff) done. As laissez-faire as my friends might think of me, momming and running my own business have taught me how to multi-task like a pro. And I did it all. I got it all done. We got to school on time. After drop-off, I managed to get from Kitchener to Toronto and back again each day in time for pick-up. I didn't miss a single soccer practice. The laundry was folded, the house was clean(ish), they practiced their piano. We even managed to not run out of groceries.  I was exhausted all. the. time. but it all got done. 

But here's the thing: we didn't quite get it all done. Because it's not all about checking off lists and showing up. It's the other stuff my husband does every day that makes his absence felt every time he goes away. It's the jokes and the laughing and the fun. It's the time he takes with our kids to talk about their deep thoughts at bedtime and recount their dreams at breakfast.  It's the way he knows how to let things go and sometimes be late and be toootally okay with it. Oh, and it's also the getting up early because he knows I'm not a morning person and taking out the garbage (we like to keep some things tradish) and the help with literally everything else  around the house that I miss a lot, too. Dads are good like that. 

With Father's Day around the corner, it's time to thank the amazing dads in our lives. From sporty to stylish, from baller to boss, we've got your dad covered this Father's Day...





Last-Minute Gifts for the Dapper Dad

Forget tried-and-true tool kits and perfunctory cases of beer—this Father’s Day, it’s all about raising your gift-giving game. In my latest story for W Dish, I've sussed out the raddest gifts for dad, from a coffee maker that will blow his mind to an 'anti-stink' running shirt that will change his workouts (and your post-workout hugs) forever. If you're still searching for the perfect gift, look no further...



DAD'S DAY | 15 Gifts to Get Him Up-to-Date

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While we make fun of guys for having it easy, dads have a lot to handle - from work to endless weekend to-do's. And while they manage to stay profesh at work and handy at home, they're still expected to be super romantic and a super fun dad, too. Is it any wonder that staying stylish isn't at the top of the list for most over-scheduled dads? Whether he lives in his Crocs or has tragically fallen victim to Dad jeans, we can help. From a forever cool tee to the must-have shades of summer, these 15 gifts will bring Dad right up-to-date this Father's Day. Easy! 

Check out our fashionable Father's Day Gift Guide below, then be sure to check out the hilarious video below (the dad with the baritone kills me). I know my husband can totally relate to this one. Happy (almost) Father's Day!




11 Gift Ideas to Dial Up Dad's Style

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Gift cards and golf balls are fine (read: boring), but why not get him something a little more styling? Whether his dress sense is tragic or top notch, these 11 finds are guaranteed to make your Dad (husband/boyfriend/partner) feel like a sartorial superstar this Father's Day.

See the full gift guide here


What a Guy Wants

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While moms have to juggle jobs, homes and kids, the dads of today are in a similar boat. Not only do they have to keep their careers but over the years, dads have had to learn some skills that aren't really part of their manly DNA. Case in point: the ponytail. Ever watched a dad try to figure that one out? The poor guy usually ends up with a slingshot elastic to the cornea and your 4 year-old walks out the door as Cousin Itt. Men might not fold laundry as neatly or kiss a bruised knee quite as tenderly as moms but here's the thing - dads usually have way more fun doing it.  Bedsheets from the dryer become spooky ghosts in a haunted mansion and the simple act of putting a bandaid on a tiny cut turns into a full throttle imaginary ER, helicopters whirring and ambulances speeding in to save the day. Because when it comes right down to it, most dads, no matter the age, are just little kids trapped in big bodies. This Father's Day don't fight it - spoil him with toys for the gym, house or great outdoors, and indulge his fun-loving inner kid.

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