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The Bunny Made Me Do It

RLR - I just saw this pretty pink blazer at Jacob and it's only $129.  I think I'm going to get it..."

Bunny - "But you don't really need it.."

RLR - "Okay, I know..but I saw this pic on Pinterest awhile back and I can't get it out of my mind.  The eyelet dress, the woven clutch, and that blazer!  The whole thing is just so pretty!  And it's really, really hard to find a good pink blazer.."

Bunny - "You haven't even gone shopping for your kids' Easter baskets yet!  And now you're thinking of buying a bubblegum pink blazer that you so don't need?  What kind of mother are you?"

RLR - "What kind of mom am I?  I kept my son home from daycare yesterday despite a massive build-up of work since my husband's been away most of the month.  I worked until 2 am after finally getting the kids to bed so I got maybe 6 hours of sleep, which is actually a pretty good night.  Then, I took both kids to Wal-Mart this morning  to buy all their friends' Easter treats and ended up with a cartful of candy, only to realize that my kids had emptied my wallet and tossed my cards throughout the store while I wasn't looking.  I just got my headshots back and realized that you can hire a good photographer but you can't take back a hungover Puerto Rican haircut (long story). Now I think my daughter's getting sick, my cat has a mysterious limp and my dog just threw up on my new shoes, and yet, I still wouldn't trade any of them for anything.  I don't know what kind of mom that makes me but after a week like this, I'm getting that cute pink blazer, bunny."

Bunny - "Get the blazer.  BTW, do you have any carrots? I mean...Happy Easter?"