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a little teaser

something wee is on its way in a few short days...

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RLR hits the Big(ger) Time

The kids waiting behind some serious stage moms to meet Santa

Jack and Charlie waiting for Scott Schuman.

Stella the Snow Princess rocking some furry mukluks.  

Zoë shining in the spotlight.  The next top model?

Kolton and Charlie in their TV debuts, though they acted like old pros.

All I can say is 'Phew!'  We taped our first CityLine segment yesterday for and I now have a whole new respect for people who do TV for a living.  You put in hours and hours researching, shopping, calling in favours, requesting samples, finding models, putting together looks and trying to remember what to say - and then in 6 minutes flat, it's over.  We came, we saw, we modeled, and apparently I used the word 'festive' a lot.  I honestly don't remember much of it...but I will never forget the incredible Robyn Shanks from iVillage, the cool, calm, collected Carolyn from CityLine, the beyond helpful moms, and most of all their divine kids (my models) who rocked every look and will undoubtedly win the hearts of Canadians on Dec 6th when the show airs.  Would I do it again?  In a Toronto minute! Any more model volunteers?

Thanks for your patience with my paltry posts this week.  The madness has ended (for now..) so I'll be working Tyra-like to get you back in the fashion loop.  In the meantime, remember to set your PVRs for Dec 6th at 9 am. Eek!


PS - An especially big thanks to my bella sorella, Jo, my magical elf who knows how to get it done - from being my post office to scouting cute wee ones to helping me put all the crucial finishing touches on all the looks - i'm a little biased but i think she's a genius.  love, love, love you! smooches xo

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