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RLR at MomThrive 2013

The 1st Annual MomThrive Conference is less than a month away and I wanted to share all the details with y'all.  I'll be honest - when they asked me to speak, I kind of said yes without thinking.  I've always heard that whole 'do what scares you' mantra and since I felt a little nervous about the prospect, thought it would be a smart confronting-my-fears exercise.  You see, I can talk on the radio or on TV and don't really get super nervous. But alone, on a stage, with a mic, in front of hundreds of people, for AN HOUR? Now that's what nightmares are made of. Yup. 

Now that the session is starting to come together and Old Navy has so graciously offered to supply the clothes, my fear is slowly being replaced with excitement.  I'll be waxing poetic on all things fashion - from Spring/Summer trends to stylist secrets to how to dress for your body - all with a focus on the needs of time-strapped moms.  The conference is full of amazing speakers including Julie Cole, Erica Diamond, Kathy Buckworth and CityLine regular Leigh-Anne Allaire Perrault, plus great food, yoga/meditation/bootcamp classes and prizes galore.  Now here's the super fun part - on the Saturday night, all MomThrive attendees are invited to an exclusive after-party with me at the Toronto Eaton Centre Old Navy, complete with styling sessions, mad DJ beats, treats, gifts and discounts. Fun!

Clean out your closet, grab your best buds and join me in Toronto for the weekend!

Oh, and yes, Real Life Runway readers get a special VIP discount - Sign up for MomThrive here and enter discount code RLR2013 to score $75 off the Early Bird rate. Hope to see you there! xx


Bright Lights, Big City

Photo by the sweet Adina Goldman at

Don't forget:  Tomorrow I'll be on CityLine's Fall Fashion Special talking fall fashion on a budget (naturally) as well as sharing some of the season's must have luxe vs. less boots, bags, scarves & belts.  If you can't catch it live, see it on the CityLine website later.  Wish me luck and remember:  the camera adds 10 lbs and makes you sound 30% less witty



RLR on Cityline

In case you missed it, I was on CityLine yesterday on behalf of talking 'Cottage Chic' with ways to help you 'rough it' in style.  It was super fun...I just wish Tracy Moore wasn't so pretty! ;)

Oh, and I'll be on Breakfast Television bright and early next Thursday to show off back-to-school looks from Gap, so be sure to set your PVRs.  They say you should never work with kids or animals but so far so good.  I say that now...:)

For my long weekend glamping tips and a helpful packing list, check out this article


RLR hits the Big(ger) Time

The kids waiting behind some serious stage moms to meet Santa

Jack and Charlie waiting for Scott Schuman.

Stella the Snow Princess rocking some furry mukluks.  

Zoë shining in the spotlight.  The next top model?

Kolton and Charlie in their TV debuts, though they acted like old pros.

All I can say is 'Phew!'  We taped our first CityLine segment yesterday for and I now have a whole new respect for people who do TV for a living.  You put in hours and hours researching, shopping, calling in favours, requesting samples, finding models, putting together looks and trying to remember what to say - and then in 6 minutes flat, it's over.  We came, we saw, we modeled, and apparently I used the word 'festive' a lot.  I honestly don't remember much of it...but I will never forget the incredible Robyn Shanks from iVillage, the cool, calm, collected Carolyn from CityLine, the beyond helpful moms, and most of all their divine kids (my models) who rocked every look and will undoubtedly win the hearts of Canadians on Dec 6th when the show airs.  Would I do it again?  In a Toronto minute! Any more model volunteers?

Thanks for your patience with my paltry posts this week.  The madness has ended (for now..) so I'll be working Tyra-like to get you back in the fashion loop.  In the meantime, remember to set your PVRs for Dec 6th at 9 am. Eek!


PS - An especially big thanks to my bella sorella, Jo, my magical elf who knows how to get it done - from being my post office to scouting cute wee ones to helping me put all the crucial finishing touches on all the looks - i'm a little biased but i think she's a genius.  love, love, love you! smooches xo

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