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BACK-TO-SCHOOL 101 | 50 School-Ready Scores for the Rest of Us

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I've never believed in letting kids have all the fun. I'm not saying kids shouldn't have any fun - that would make me the worst -  I'm just stating that fun should be shared by all ages, don't you think? And when it comes to fall shopping, we should never stop getting those back-to-school feels. There's a certain sadness about saying goodbye to summer for sure; but there's also that feeling of anticipation, of wondering what's coming next, of starting fresh.

Since September's widely considered to be the real start of the new year in the fashion calendar, now is the time to take stock of your stuff, donate the old/ugly/ill-fitting and shop for some new things. Whether you're a teen, a twenty-something, or are someone like me who basically just loves any excuse to shop, I've rounded up 50 of my fave school-ready finds below. You might be going to an actual school; I'm currently enrolled in a school called life. It's a stretch, I know. Either way, we all need to shop, right? Happy new school year, lovelies! Hope you're enjoying every last little minute of summer xx




Alex from Target

The pic that started it all...

You've heard of Alex from Target, right? Girl snaps a pic of a hottie cashier at Target over the weekend, posts it to Twitter, and suddenly 'Alex from Target' is everywhere. Girls collectively freak. Confused moms across the US get dragged to their closest Target just in case Alex happens to be working. Marriage proposals flood the Twitterverse. Alex from Target goes from checkout boy to being checked out by millions.

Yup, Alex from Target is everywhere. Sigh...swept up into fame so young. Just hope he stays grounded.

Just thinking aloud here but Alex from Target could singlehandedly turn things around for Target Canada. If they can get him here...

It's clearly Monday.

Some funny 'Alex from Target' memes on Twitter right now. The fan fiction is my fav...