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SWIPE RIGHT | 3 Summer-to-Fall Outfit Hacks You'll Want to Try Now

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All signs point to fall. The days are so much shorter, the kids are back at it and the weather - ok fine, the weather just has no clue. While I'm excited to shop for cozy oversized sweaters, jeans I'll live in, a new fall bag (um, hi Selena), and of course gorge new boots, I can't completely let go of summer just yet. Luckily, this in-between season is the perfect time to slowly transition your wardrobe while getting your mind around the fact that yes, winter is coming. Waaahhhh. 

For now, let's leave our white tees, denim skirts and floral dresses in the mix. Let's pick up a few new pieces to give life to our most-loved summer things. Simply adding a blazer, a pair of over-the-knee boots, a statement faux-leather skirt or a pretty pastel sweater will help get you in a fall state of mind. Happy (fall) shopping! It really is the best fashion season, don't you think? xo




FASHION TO-DO | Get a Jump On Spring With These 15 Pieces

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If you're getting tired of your winter wardrobe, we feel you. With so many stunning spring pieces flooding into stores, we say, why wait? Get a jump on the new season with these 15 pretty finds...




THE SWITCH | Our Wear Now, Wear Later Guide

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There's something about August that makes even the most avid shopper like me pause mid-credit card swipe. Is that sale really worth it? I mean, will that shirt even be in next summer? Is it better just to wait? And sometimes it feels too hot to even glance at those new sweaters in stock.

Luckily all shopping hope is not lost. I've tracked down a crop of amazing finds that will help you get your fashion fix while the seasons make the switch. Don't get stuck in a mid-summer slump - this wear now, wear later guide will help you stylishly navigate that slow (please make it even slower) transition from summer to fall, boosting your summer wardrobe now while priming your closet for the season ahead. 

So many irresistible finds here. Don't say I didn't warn you ;) 





Transitional Dressing 101

A perfect transitional look from street-styler Elizabeth Victoria Clark.

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I'm done. Like, SO over it. Aren't you? I'm all about being a glass half full kinda girl but this unrelenting winter is enough to transform even the most optimistic among us into pouting, snivelling, whiny, cranky babies. Waahhh.

Happily, fashion has a way of tinting the lenses of our ski goggles rose-coloured and since we've been lucky to experience a few days of balmy weather lately, that means it's officially time to think spring. 

If you're super sick of your parkas, puffers and Sorels, it's time to take our basic course in winter to spring fashion. Welcome to Transitional Dressing 101, where the lecture discusses pretty shoes, the only test involves shopping, and instead of a diploma, you can win a gift card. Now this is the kind of continuing education I thoroughly enjoy...