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SOLE MATES | These 50 Fall Shoes Are Goals

Speaking of goals...via Stuart Weitzman

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Summer was so amazing, so beautiful, so fun - just SO. But while I loved every minute of the ice cream and the excess, my body now has to deal with the fall-out from all that fun. Trying on jeans the other day, I was reminded of exactly how much fun was had. Sigh. 

As I slowly work my way back to fighting form, all the while trying to embrace my summer curves, trying to figure out how to keep some and not others (too much to ask?), I always find comfort in that one place where things always fit, where size doesn't matter, where I can be lifted up (literally), where I can stand taller (see where I'm going with this?), the place that understands my soul (and my soles): the shoe aisle. Thank goodness for shoes. Like Evan and Carly, we just get each other. We accept one another as we are. I know that if I invest in them, my shoes will always give back. And I know that once I find the one (okay, ones), I can stop looking. Well, at least until I see another pair that catches my eye. Luckily shoes have no feelings. It's a beautiful thing.

While I love to score good deals, I've learned over the years that good shoes are always worth it, even if you have to pay full price. I'd rather invest in one really amazing pair of boots than pick up 2 average pairs that will fall apart by next season. Okay fine,  2 really amazing pairs of boots instead of 4 average pairs. I mean, you can't expect me to pick just one, with pink block heel ankle boots to maje merlot midi boots to over-the-knee stunners vying for my affection. And don't even get me started on the flats - do we do the grey Puma Fierce kicks or the platform loafers? I can't even. For now, let's just stare at these 50 beautiful pairs and dream a little. Zero guilt. No regrets. Deal?




FALL '16 FASHION | 5 Fall Trends You'll Want to Start Wearing Now

Gorgeous girl Teegan Williams via Instagram

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When it comes to fashion, there's no season more exciting than fall. While the cooler weather and return to routine can be tough little pills to swallow, the promise of a new wardrobe makes it all totally bearable. Scoff. A new wardrobe you say? Um girl, I can't afford a whole new wardrobe you say? Keep reading. Updating your wardrobe for the new season is a lot less spendy than you might imagine. If you're armed with the basics (and if you've been reading this blog for awhile, you've got those covered), all you need to do is add a few key new-season updates into the mix. 

This fall, I've fallen hard for 5 pretty updates that I plan on wearing starting, um, now...



THE SHORT LIST | 3 Ways to Slay In Shorts This Summer

via H&M

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In the hot, hot heat, I'm always on the hunt for ways to keep cool. And while I won't deny the power of a perfect little dress to wile away a heatwave, I feel like right now is the perfect time to revisit an often-underappreciated basic: the short. Sure, simple shorts & a tee are fine when you're just chilling on your back deck. But there's a plethora of potential locked up in your shorties just waiting to get out. Like a backup singer who finally gets her chance to headline, think of your shorts as an untapped talent in need of a really good manager. 

This summer, make your white cut-offs street style stars by pairing them up with perfect partners. Try an all-white base, then throw a long flowy vest over top. Or pair your white shorts with an on-point top (try a black lace-up bodysuit, tank or tee depending on your comfort level), on-fleek feet (block heels or ghillie ties - yes, please) plus a black bandana and statement shades to help cement your cool girl status.

Not so down with high hemlines? You can still rock shorts by going with the flow. A pair of flowy shorts teamed with a crisp white off-the-shoulder top look effortlessly chic on a steamy summer day. 

Speaking of short, time to get back to our way-too-short summer. Hope these next weeks feel extra loooong. Scroll down for summer short outfit inspo - enjoy! 



3 Outfits We're Wearing on Repeat This Summer

via the impossibly cool Rocky Barnes

Originally posted in The Fashion Scoop

When faced with a hot summer day, looking cool is always the goal. Summer clothes are supposed to be carefree and easy, but so many of us struggle with going beyond what we already know - whether it's shorts and a tee or our fave summer dress. And so, we simply stick with our go-to's and go. 

While summer might seem like the perfect time to chill out, may I suggest chilling in something just a little more interesting? Simply add a handful of new pieces to your wardrobe mix- a cold shoulder top, culottes and a romper - and you'll be weekend wardrobe strong. Read on for the 3 outfit combos we'll be wearing on repeat all summer loooong...



Fashion Finds for the Queen's Plate

There’s getting dressed and then there’s getting dressed. While Queen’s Plate might have horse racing at its roots, everyone knows it’s really all about the fash-un. I mean, where else do you get to wear a bright floral formal dress for day? Where else do you get to hang with loads of dapper dudes all decked out? I’m talking suspenders, bow-ties, jaunty hats and pastel jackets - sometimes all at once. And unless you find yourself on the guest list at a British wedding, when else will you ever get to wear a fascinator? Never. Which is why Queen’s Plate should be on everyone’s summer bucket list.
While the Queen’s Plate event might seem intimidating to a first-timer, it’s so not. When it comes to Queen’s Plate, I’ve learned that anything goes. The best part? You don’t have to spend all your winnings to look amazing. Head over to the Vaughan Mills blog to see the need-to-know Queen's Plate style tips I’ve gleaned over the years...