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Hello, Hot Pants

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It's sad but true:  pants nearly always get the shaft.  Shirts get fun prints, vibrant colours, buttons and bows, and nearly all of our accessorizing happens above the waistline.  But what about below the belt?  Why can't pants get in on the action? 

Most of us avoid colourful bottoms like the plague because we're taught that bright colours = attention.  Women have hips, bumps and lovely lady lumps and we're constantly being told to do whatever we can to hide them.  "Wear black, it's slimming," they say.  "Grey pants go with everything," shout the others.  Maybe it's the fashion rebel in me but I'm tired of being told that I have to stick to black, grey and brown bottoms.  "Yawn, yawn, yawn," is really all I can say.  Why not go the other way?

This summer, bright bottoms were everywhere and I'm happy to see that the trend's still going strong.   But how do you rock the look without making a major fashion gaffe?  Here's a fool-proof solution:  let your pants do the talking and keep it quiet up top by sticking with classic neutral tops.  "It's about time!" (You didn't know your legs could talk, did you?  Cheeky.) 

P.S - Those fierce leopard fetish heels are not for the faint of heart.  If you're looking for something a little more tame, there are leopard print heels in every style and price range this season.  Happy hunting!


A Loafer, Not a Fighter

Eppihimer Loafer Wedge, ALDO, $120 - available in stores mid-August

What makes a shoe a work of art?  As with so many things in life, a remarkable shoe comes down to the whole being greater than the sum of its parts.  The must-have mustard shade (so on-trend for this fall), the stacked wedge heel (ditto) and the loafer detailing (double ditto) make this genius shoe from ALDO an absolute must-buy.  Be diligent about getting it as soon as it hits stores, though - I can pretty much guarantee your size won't be there for long, especially since Refinery 29 pegged it as one of this fall's top footwear finds alongside a number of high-priced designer shoes.  If I can get my eager little paws on these beauties, I'll wear them with skirts, dresses and skinnies all fall/winter long.  Ooohh - anyone else feeling butterflies?


My Picks: Mango Pre-Fall Lookbook

Mango Fall Preview 2011.  White blouse, Tuxedo Dressing, Black Pants  

Mango Fall Preview 2011.  White Blouse, Skirt, Red High heels


Photos courtesy of Mango

This is exactly how I want to dress when it cools down this September.  I adore the summer and I don't want it to end but don't you just love, love, LOVE fall fashion?!

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