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12 Fashion Resolutions Worth Keeping in 2016

via 20 20 Academy

Ready to change things up for a brand new year? We've rounded up the 12 fashion resolutions worth making (and keeping) in 2016. Happy, Happy New Year! xx




35 Reasons to Love Winter White

via RW&CO.

Originally posted in The LOOK

There comes a time in every person's life where we're forced to grow up. Whether it's living on our own for the first time, having a massive work crisis, or raising kids, life has ways of showing us how capable we really are. My fashion awakening came when I realized that I could wear white. And not just a white t-shirt but all white, head-to-toe. I started one summer with the purchase of a little white dress. I loved this dress. Like wanted to marry it. And then 5 minutes in, I spilled a smoothie all over the front of my would-be spouse. I was like, 'Shoot. I should have known. I'm so clumsy. I, of all people, cannot pull off a white dress.' But then I realized, 'I have a washing machine. I have a Tide stick. I think I might even have bleach. I can handle this.' We had a summer like no other, me and that dress. And then I got pregnant and it didn't fit anymore. But that dress changed me. Sniff. It really did. 

I don't spill as much as I used to. I count on my kids to do all the spilling for me. But white remains one of my favourite colours (or non-colours) to buy, both for myself and for my kids, even though everyone swears its impractical. Solid white can be bleached or Oxi-Cleaned or put out in the sun to brighten it up. And it's so much less moody than black. 

I'm sure you know by now that it's encouraged to wear white after Labour Day, but how much do you actually wear it? Whether you opt for bright white or cream, or even a mix of the two, white has this subtle way of brightening up your complexion and your mood that few shades can. And as the snow starts to fall, I can't think of a better way to embrace winter than with a chic white coat, a cozy cream cable-knit sweater or even cool white runners. And if you're worried about them being impractical, don't. You're a grown-up. You can handle this.




MAD FOR PLAID | 3 Ways to Wear It Now


Fall and plaid are my idea of the perfect partners. When faced with a cold day, a great plaid accent always warms things up. Sure, a solid scarf, flannel shirt or cozy coat all get the job done, but it's the bold print that puts a unique stamp on any lacking outfit, adding colour and texture to any solid ensemble. This season, it seems like every store has checked off checks on their must-have lists. 

Here are my 3 fave ways to do plaid right now. Scroll down for outfit inspo:

1) THE REVERSIBLE SCARF | While silk scarves might be a Parisian thing, I see the chunky plaid scarf as our Canadian signature. Wear it draped over your shoulders or neck and belted around your waist, leave it long and flowing, tie it artfully around your neck or even toss it over your couch when you get home. This season, even the chain stores are doing luxe-looking reversible scarves so you don't have to commit to just one print. Genius. 

2) THE DRESSED-UP PLAID SHIRT | You can always wear a plaid shirt with jeans but this season, why not give it the glam treatment? I love a plaid shirt worn with a pencil skirt and sexy heels for a perfect date-night/going out look. The unexpected combo will help you achieve cool-girl status, no matter what your age. 

3) PARTY PLAID |  Tired of being stuck in a sea of LBD's? Plaid skirts, dresses and scarves are an easy way to look instantly festive and stand out in a crowd of black. If you've already got black pants and a white shirt, simply add a plaid coat or blazer, then tie a black grosgrain ribbon around your neck for your next cocktail party. Easy! 



UNDER $100 | 35 Cozy Sweaters to Beat the Chill

via HUNKYDORY Stockholm

Originally posted in The LOOK

Sweater weather has officially arrived and I couldn't be happier. Now that I've packed away all of my summer things and brought my sweaters out of storage, I can't wait to cozy up in all of my favourites. There's the chunky fisherman knit that I know I'll have forever. There's the huge oversized cardigan that I put on anytime I'm tempted to wear my pajamas all day. And of course I've got some fun brights that I love to wear on those extra grey days. 

The thing about sweaters is this - after a summer of high exposure, they're awfully awesome at giving your body a break.  Whether your arms are more rotund than toned, or your stomach's never quite forgotten that you had kids (why won't it ever forget? why???) you can always count on a forgiving knit to keep you covered. Sweater, IMO, should be always be soft and luxuriously oversized (ie. don't be afraid to go up a size). Sure, a sleek tight turtleneck works for layering but otherwise, I like to keep my knits loungey and loose. So how to avoid looking sloppy? Wear tailored bottoms like waxed skinnies or leggings to give your outfit balance.  

While it's worthwhile to invest in a really good wool sweater, you don't necessarily have to destroy your budget to stay cozy. I've rounded up 35 under-$100 sweaters at Intercity Shopping Centre to beat the chill this fall. And of course, no sweater round-up is complete without a Shawn Mendes 'Sweater Weather' cover...




FALL IN | 25 Pieces That Actually Make Us Excited for the Cold

via Dynamite (I know, right?)

Originally posted in The CLOSET

You might not be quite ready for it. You might still be in denial. And yet, September is here which means it's time to get real; fall is almost here. Luckily this means another valid excuse to shop. I mean, when it comes right down to it, it's a matter of survival. Layers help protect us from the cold, hats keep us covered from the elements, and boots? Well, we can't shuffle around in flip-flops forever, can we?

With Labour Day just days away, I'm proactively compiling shopping lists now. Read on to find out what's making my must-buy list for fall. Happy shopping!



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