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With Glowing Hearts

Does it get more Canadian than Degrassi? Sarah Fisher of Degrassi gets her pom pom on for the Roots Summer '13 Lookbook. Photo courtesy Roots.

Sometimes, you don't know what you've got 'til it's gone. I've travelled quite a bit, even lived in Europe for a year, but as much as I love to explore other countries, I always really miss Canada when I'm not here. I'm not sure if it's the super friendly people or the beautiful change of seasons or the Timbits (probably the Timbits), but you must admit, being a Canadian rocks. We are gloriously free to think, to do, to be whatever we want. And since this is a fashion blog, let's not forget how lucky we are to be able to dress however we want, too. 

This July 1st, why not show Canada some sartorial love? If you're a loud and proud patriot, wear your flag emblazoned boldly on your sleeve with the chic Canadiana at Roots or hop on over to Hudson's Bay for the country's oldest, most iconic print - the HBC stripe. You'll break out these pieces year after year so you can totally justify. Consider yourself a more low-key Canadienne? Get in the spirit by wearing Canada's colours, of course...

Read the full story and get your free Canada Day-ready iTunes compilation from Roots here 


Loubi, Loubi, Oh Baby

So...guess who I get to meet tomorrow?? I've somehow worked my way into the exclusive Press Conference and personal tour of the Christian Louboutin exhibit BY CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN LUI-MêME at The Design Exchange in Toronto tomorrow. Dyyyying. And I don't own a single pair of Loubis yet :( Here's the dilemma: Do I go with something totally inconspicuous (black, simple, understated), or Converse to show that I wouldn't dare wear any heels other than Loubis in the Great One's presence? Or do I jump off the train, hightail it to Holts and break the bank for a 3 hour tour (a 3 hour touuur)? Or do I give a slight nod to the Louboutin aesthetic with some rockstar studs à la sandals I featured yesterday? One thing I do know is that this is no time for a Louboutin DIY. I can picture it now - trailing red paint prints behind me as I flee the Design Exchange, Christian screaming, "Traître! POSEUR!!!" all the way. Sh•t. And you think you have problems getting dressed in the morning...Wish me luck. Pics and the whole Louboutin in Toronto lowdown to come...


Never Say Never

Chambray Blazer, H&M; White Shirt, Banana Republic; Scarf, Club Monaco; Belt, Banana Republic; Pants, Zara; Polka-Dot Socks, Winners; Shoes, Johnston & Murphy

When I first met my husband way back in 2000, I had a serious style challenge on my hands. He was like a badly-kept, beautiful old home, except instead of shag-covered hardwood and dropped ceilings, his gorgeousness was hidden away by a bowl cut and tragic Eddie Bauer pleated khakis. 

I loved him right away, penny loafers and bad 'do notwithstanding, and could definitely see loads of potential in his tall/dark/handsome looks, but wondered if he'd ever actually let me make him over. Here's the thing with guys - they don't like to ask for directions, they prefer to find their own path, get lost along the way, and take a really, really, long time to do it, and then eventually, 10 - 12 years later will finally come to you. And when they do, you will be there, armed with a pair of slim-fit trousers and a chambray blazer. 

This outfit is what I consider James' graduation day. I have taught him what I know over the past few years, and this morning, this is what he came up with ALL BY HIMSELF. #proud #sniff

I'd give him a cap & gown but I'd hate to cover up all of this hotness.

Happy Friday, y'all! Any fun plans for the weekend?


Let's Dance


Image courtesy Vogue

Originally posted in The CLOSET

No matter how routiney or predictable we become, there's something about the end of the year that inspires us to believe; We believe we can get out of that massive rut, that we can tranform into that person we've always wanted to become, that we can change for the better. After a week-long binge-fest, I've already made some mental resolutions that I hope to keep, though I know that every year, sometime around January 13th, I'll likely slip back into at least a few old habits.

Regardless, a girl can always dream - and in my laid-back holiday state, as I lie here happily ensonced on my couch, watching piles of movies with my kids and trying to muster up the effort to hit the toboggan hill, I've already dreamt up some stellar New Year's Eve outfits. I figure by the time the 31st rolls around, I'll be very ready to toss aside my well-worn pajama pants and get back into my heels to kick in the brand new year. Here's to wishing and hoping and for all of us, a truly wonderful 2013.

xo sarah





Fête Set


Originally posted in The Fashion Scoop

Lately, I've been acting a lot more mature, and I don't mean this in a good coming-of-age way.  I'm talking terrifyingly predictable - ie. work all day, make dinner, eat dinner, give kids a bath, stories, bedtime, then we put on a pot of water for tea (Twinings which, for the record, we did way before Fifty Shades of Grey), then work some more, then crash. Zzzzz.  It's not that I don't like being a mom, because I love it.  And I'm not saying I don't like to work, because I really do.  It's just that nothing good can possibly come of the constant routininess of it all, especially when endless piles of laundry are involved. 

What I mean, is that I'm beyond ready to bust it. I'm ready to eat, drink and be embarassingly merry.  I'm ready to sparkle my way into a snowbank somewhere and just chill out there for a minute, then get back up and shuffle my way to the next party. I'm actually even ready to feel tired the next day - in a good way. 

I've got a rocking holiday wardrobe all planned out (which I wholeheartedly encourage you to try on for size btw) should any tempting invites come my way. You hosting?


Michael Kors Fall 2012 - photo:

1. Open Blazer, $30, Dynamite; 2. Draped Gown, $129.99, Laura; 3. Studded Loafer, $50, ALDO; 4. Faux-Fur Scarf, $70, Le Château; 5. Gemstone Clutch, $40, Le Château 


1. Necklace, $18, American Eagle; 2. Leopard Bag, $25, American Eagle; 3. Flared Skirt, $40, American Eagle; 5. Patent-Toe Pumps, $42, ALDO; 6. Denim Shirt, $45, American Eagle

Emilio Pucci Fall 2012 - photo:

1. Chiffon Blouse, $35, Smart Set; 2. Tuxedo Pant, $39.90, Dynamite; 3. Studded Clutch, $40, ALDO; 4. Pointy-Toed Pump, $90, ALDO; 5. Snake Bracelet, $12, ALDO

Derek Lam Fall 2012 - photo:

1. Skull Necklace, $12, ALDO; 2. Bouclé Blazer, $120, Laura; 3. Lurex Scarf, $28, Laura; 4. Studded Hi-Top, $120, Le Château; 5. Wide Leg Pant, $60, Laura 

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