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A Tote-ally Cute Laptop Bag

Saffiano Leather Carry-All, $129, Danier

You're super confident in your smarts, your powers of persuasion, your ability to outwit any bully in a boardroom. But honestly, pantsuits and pantyhose all week long? Where's the fun in that? I'm loving this Elle Woods-esque structured bag with plenty of space for your laptop, meeting notes and phone, and enough bubblegum pink (and then some) to sufficiently girl up your 9 to 5, especially if you work in one of those offices. Life's too short to be so serious, especially in the summer...


Slouchy Chic: 5 Ways to Go with the Flow

Photo courtesy Danier

Certain people just know how to rock cool slouchy pants and drapey shirts, giving off that laissez-faire vibe without looking the least bit slovenly. Ever wondered how to pull it off? I've got 5 Stylist Secrets to help you go with the flow this Spring. Hint: it's way easier than you think...

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Spring 2013: Accessory Report

ALDO's fun Spring '13 Campaign - Photo courtesy ALDO

As a fashion blogger, I'm  constantly tempted by trends.  I spend a good 8-10 hours each day either staring at, speaking about, shopping for, or writing articles about pretty clothes.  In the beginning, it was total torture;  I wanted every single thing and would rearrange my whole day so that I would just 'happen' to be in the 'hood of say, Club Monaco, just when that to-die-for piece hit stores.  While researching a trend story on shoes online, I would often accidentally click on the 'add to shopping cart' button and somehow click the 'buy' button in the process.  'Whoops!?'  In the beginning, I felt cheated because my fashion blogger salary was nowhere near my Dior/McCartney/Tibi tastes...

For the full story (and the rest of my fave Spring '13 accessories) head to The Fashion Scoop! x

Eagle Necklace, $18, ALDO; Cat-Eye Sunglasses, $18, Laura; Snake Ring, $10, ALDO; Leopard Necklace, $17,Dynamite; Python Clutch, $59, Danier; Jaguar Ring, $15, Le Château; Leopard Belt, $20, American Eagle 

Cuff, $12, ALDO; Linen Blend Clutch, $30, Le Château; Plastic & Metal Link Necklace, $18, ALDO; Rosette Ring, $8, Reitmans; Attitude Jay Manuel Pump, $60, Sears; Two-Tone High-Tops, $26, American Eagle; Cap-Toe Flats, $31, American Eagle; Woven Bracelets, $15, Spring

Statement Necklace, $16, ALDO; Metal Mesh Bracelet, $17, Le Château; Wide Basket Weave Cuff, $21, Cleo; Pointy Cap-Toe Pumps, $100, ALDO; Woven Metallic Band, $15, Le Château; Sterling Silver Ring, $99,People's Jewellers; Metallic Envelope Clutch, $40, Le Château


Dress Slim for Spring


We've all been there (or at least I like to think so...) Whether you're a curvy girl for good or just can't seem to shake those last stubborn 10 pounds, there's an easy way to lose the weight. It's all about a little wardrobe trickery, ladies.  I mean, if A-listers can benefit from these stylist tricks, why shouldn't you? Read on for my 10 favourite slim-down essentials to get in fighting form for spring (no treadmills required). And speaking of celebs, check back next week for our Oscar run-down with my fave looks from the red carpet.  Will Adele be back in black? Will Julianne Moore wear Tom Ford again? Will Brangelina continue to look even more old/creepy/anorexic? They should have bookies for this. x

Why It Works: A structured blazer works wonders at lending polish, form and flattery to a rounder-than-you'd like bod. Sharp shoulders instantly make your waist and hips appear smaller while the deep-V lapel gives the illusion of a long and lean physique. Meanwhile, the single-breasted, one-button style minimizes a larger bust, which will make you appear smaller overall. Win. Win. Win.

Try: One-Button Blazer, RW&CO.

Why It Works: Like a fish to a lure, our eyes are drawn to shiny things. A big, statement necklace will draw the eye upward, putting the focus on your fabulous face. If this necklace is too OTT for you, the accessory stores are loaded with other silver and gold stunners sure to suit your fancy but whatever you pick, I dare you to go for something sparkly, shiny and fabulous, even if it's outside of your comfort zone.

Try: Eagle Necklace, $18, ALDO


Why It Works: Far too many of us are bouncing around with a poorly-fitted bra. I can't stress this enough - go and get thee a bra fitting. Invest in a bra that lifts you up, fills you out, or diminishes, depending on how well-endowed you might be. If your girls are in place, your shirts will hang so much better and yes, you will look thinner. Pinky swear.

Try: Vanity Fair Full Coverage Contour Bra, $20, Sears


Why It Works: In the middle of a late winter deep-freeze, sweaters are a stay-cozy essential. But when it comes to figure flattery, not all knits are created equal. If you want to look slim, avoid chunky knits and too-tight sweaters and instead, opt for lightweight knits with flattering ruching, forgiving dolman sleeves and a drapey but not overly sloppy fit. Again, if you want to minimize your bust, choose v-necks over crew necks.

Try: Dolman Sleeve Pullover, $39.50, Ricki's


Why It Works: Colour-blocking, when done correctly, can work wonders at highlighting your best features while downplaying others. Here's the general rule: dark colours conceal while light/bright colours highlight. I'd wear this blouse to work with dark navy pants or with dark denim on indulgent weekends to give my thighs a day off.

Try: Colour-Block Blouse, RW&CO.

Why It Works: A wide belt worn out of the belt loops will immediately make you look more pulled together and give you shape. Wear it to cinch your waist over a billowy sweater, a drapey dress or even to define the waist of your winter/spring coat. If you're going to wear a wide belt, leave the necklace at home and instead, opt for a statement cuff or cocktail ring.

Try: Wide Suede Belt, $20, Le Château

Why It Works: The peplum trend is a frightening proposition for some but is actually surprisingly figure-friendly (for real!). If you've got a tummy, pick up a white peplum top (or one with a small print) and pair it with dark tailored pants or a high-waisted pencil skirt - you'll love the way the silhouette whittles your waist while flowing over your belly. If your arms aren't quite up to Michelle Obama snuff, layer up with a slightly cropped tailored jacket.

Try: Lace Peplum Hem Top, $60, Le Château


Why It Works: If you want to look fit, it really helps to look polished. Well-groomed hair and eyebrows, polished nails and crease-free clothing all somehow help the cause. Well, same goes for your bag - pick a structured, polished tote (try something top-handled) and you'll actually look slimmer. If you're tall, you can get away with a larger handbag while sweet petites should choose a smaller, structured bag that won't overwhelm their frame. Easy, peasy!

Try: Leather Bucket Tote, $99, Danier


Why They Work: We know, we know - you love your skinnies, right? Everybody's wearing them and your jeggings, leggings and skinny jeans have become such an integral part of your day-to-day. We won't tell you to give them up but if you want your bottom half to look slimmer, nothing beats straight leg or bootcut styles. The slightly flared leg instantly balances out proportions, making your hips and bum look smaller. One key tip: be sure to wear your bootcuts with heels (try the new chunky heels if you can't handle wobbly stilettos) for the most flattering effect.

Try: The Miracle Pant in Navy, $54.50, Ricki's



Why They Work: Pointy-toe pumps are all the rage for spring but they're also a great trick to looking slimmer - they lift you up, make legs look longer, and the pointy toe/narrow heel combo extends the narrow look of your calves, especially with skirts and dresses. (PS - If you want to make your gams look extra long, opt for a neutral heel) Any excuse to buy new shoes, right?

Try: ATTITUDE JAY MANUEL Cap-Toe Pump, $59.99, Sears

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Neutral Territory

Closet filled to the brim with basics? Get inspired by these 3 street style looks to help you raise your winter whites, greys and blacks to an oh-so-chic new level. Let it snow!  (did I just say that out loud?)


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