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SAVED BY THE BELL | Our Top 25 Kids Picks for Back-to-School


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Alright, here we go. It's time to get real, for real this time. I mean, let's face it: school starts in less than 2 weeks. I CAN'T. And yet, I must. I mean, as a mom to two young kids, I know how important it is to shop for the best things before all the sizes run out.  I know how much it means to my kids to have pants that don't fall short, shoes that actually fit and of course, aaalll the cool kid swag.  

The start of school is kind of a big deal so in my mind, it should be marked - and if marking an occasion requires shopping, that's always a win in my books. For back-to-school '17, there are so many cute things to get excited about - think graphic tees that are as cool as they are cute, shoes that can handle the pressure of any playground and magic sequins on everything. Basically, if I wish it came in my size, I'm buying it for them. 




The Vogue Festival 2013: Meet Victoria Beckham and NET-A-PORTER's Natalie Massenet

Photo and videos courtesy Vogue UK

The Vogue Festival 2013 just wrapped up in London and I've been given access to all of the style sessions from the prestigious event held last week. Lucky me - I feel like I'm back in University except instead of being scruffy and disheveled, the profs are wearing Céline!  If you love fashion (which I'm assuming you do, since you're here) and have a lunchbreak or evening free this week, check out a few of the fantastic sessions from the event including NET-A-PORTER's stylish and inspiring founder, Natalie Massenet, plus a glimpse at the surprisingly charming Victoria Beckham. Wait 'til you see N.M's dress - drool! 

Class is now in session. Enjoy! x

(P.S - I just added the Michael Kors session, too, just b/c I love him so)