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FALL FORWARD | The 5 Trends You'll Be Living in This Fall

Red hot at Max Mara via Vogue

Originally posted in The CLOSET

I know, I know. I said the F word. And it's still officially summer. As your humble fashion blogger, though, I feel it's my duty to to ease you and your wardrobe gently in the direction of what's next because let's face it: fall fashion is the bomb. You've probably stopped buying summer things by now and started noticing the new crop of fall temptations already in stores so I'm here to help get you up to speed. I've rounded up 5 of the season's most wearable trends, some of which you can start rocking now if you like. From cool silver to red hot red, from new-school brooches to pretty fall florals, I'm seriously loving what's coming next...





Photo via Shopbop

I still refuse to watch Gravity - like, seriously, the idea of being stuck in space forever (or at least until the oxygen runs out) with George Clooney is enough to give me nightmares. And Star Trek/Star Wars (same thing, right?) are things I hear randomly referenced but end up sounding like blah, blah, blah, klingon, blah, there is no try, blah, blah. Beam me up, but never make me watch either, please. Space-inspired gear, though? All over that like an astronaut on a pack of freeze-dried ice cream. 

Give me hologram, shiny silver, alien-ripped waxed jeans and anything with stars this fall. But especially today. Because it's Hallowe'en y'all, which makes it the ideal day to shop for something fun. 

Here are some of my subtly spacey finds from Shopbop, the final frontier (or something like that...)

ps - my daughter's going as a peacock. my son has chosen a (REALLY SCARY, MOM) dinosaur. and my dog will be transformed into a hot dog tonight. i will document.


Marc by Marc Jacobs Liya Lurex Dress, $451, Shopbop

Marc by Marc Jacobs iPad Mini Case, $66, Shopbop

Westward Leaning Mercury Seven Sunglasses, $204, Shopbop

SOL SANA Jules Loafers, $176, Shopbop

Tibi Star Fields Cami, $225, Shopbop

Deux Lux Sunset Clutch, $102, Shopbop

Gorjana Super Star Necklace, $91, Shopbop

Marc by Marc Jacobs Messenger Bag, $429, Shopbop

Paige Denim Verdugo Ultra Skinny Jeans, $177, Shopbop


SO JEANIOUS: Normcore Denim

Photo via American Eagle

Originally posted in The Fashion Scoop

In the not-so-distant past, there were obvious denim lines never to be crossed. I'm talking about those off-limits style offenders like mom jeans, acid wash and dated flares. Jeans with high heels were bad and jeans with Seinfeld-esque running shoes were even worse. Skinnies came in and simply never left, forcing us all into gut-sucking submission, whether they actually looked good on us or not.

2014 has changed everything. The rules that used to govern our denim buys have all been busted with designers sending out every kind of jean we've ever seen, or secretly hoped to never see again. Mom jeans? Cool. Acid wash and tie-dye? Très cool. Super high-waisted skinnies? Totally cool. Ripped boyfriends? Vintage flares? Patchwork? Cool. Cool. Cool. I am loving this anything-goes denim shift because now, you can focus on the jeans that work for your body type, and not have to spend a second worrying about whether they're trendy. Blame it on normcore(I blame everything on normcore), but everything (literally everything) is trendy again.

Read on to see to see my fav denim in stores for Fall '14 and happy jean shopping! It might never be this easy again...




Hi Ho Silver

Laminated High-Heel Sandal with Ankle Strap, $59.90, Zara

Flat Crossover Metallic Tone Sandals, $79.90, Zara

I have a real thing for silver right now and was psyched to come across these silver pointy-toe mules from (where else) Zara. Lurv. And as sisterly fate would have it, rlr mini just bought the casual sandal version. What are the odds? Pretty good, I guess, considering we share similar fashion genes. I've been on a gold rush for such a long time that maybe it's finally time to sidle my way back to silver. Thoughts? Are you on Team Gold or Team Silver? It's a tough call really...not sure if I could ever choose...