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BABY YOU'RE SO CLASSIC | The Freshest Ways to Wear Your Old Favourites This Spring

Cutest. Shirt. Ever. via H&M

Originally posted in The CLOSET

Like a great old friend, classics are the best. You can part ways for awhile and do your own thing, but when you come back together, it feels like no time has passed at all. You share a history that's hard to replicate. You get each other.  Somehow it always just feels right.  Like people, classics evolve in their own small ways but they tend to stay true to what made them so great in the first place.

This spring, your old stand-bys have come back to play, only this time, they're updated to feel totes 2017. Here are some of our fave classic go-tos:

1. CULOTTES | Culottes keep coming back but now, they're available in loads of interesting fabrics and textures like pinstripes and faux leather, and are amazingly versatile - work to weekend is as simple as a shoe change.  Cropped, wide-leg jeans give off a similar vibe and are perfect for wearing with ankle boots while you wait for the warm weather to get here already. 

2. THE WHITE SHIRT | There isn't another piece more universally-flattering, more wardrobe-elevating and more go-with-everything than a great white shirt.  This season, the white shirt stays true to its roots but adds a decidedly 2017 twist with statement sleeves. 

3. STRIPES | Every single spring, you can count on stripes to be on every top trend list. While one usually thinks of nautical when shopping for stripes, this year, it's time to go for something a little less obvious. If you read between the lines (which I hope you do), I'm talking multi-toned striped dresses, vertical striped wide leg pants and flowy striped statement tunics that look more landlubbing than seafaring. 

4. GINGHAM | Gingham screams picnics and pretty weather and the innocence of youth. While I'll never say no to a pair of cute checked pants, I'm especially tempted by some of the fresh gingham finds I'm seeing in stores now. This spring, try a fun patchwork gingham shirt or a flirty cold-shoulder dress - pretty sure they'll be your new BFF's ;)

Happy, happy spring! Serious outfit inspo below...




Walk the Line: How to Pull off Stripes

A model on the runway at the Michael Kors Spring '13 Show. Photo via Fairchild Photo.

Originally posted in The Fashion Scoop

I have a glaring blind spot when it comes to stripes. I see them, I want them, I buy them, and now, after years of hard work, I've managed to amass dozens of striped tops. When I see a perfect stripe, it's like my brain momentarily lapses, ignoring the impressive collection I already own, forgetting that the last thing I need is another striped shirt.  I add it to my closet and wonder how I ever ended up with so many. It's a problem.

And so, I was thrilled that summer's biggest print trend is black & white stripes. After all, I own lots of navy with white and white with navy breton striped shirts (there's a difference, I swear) plus a few sporty red & white bateau necks thrown in for good measure. But mod black & white? I definitely (maybe?) don't own any of those. I'm sensing that this is one of those blind spot moments. Ignore.

If you worry about the whole 'horizontal stripes make you look fat' thing, fret not. Read on for some style tips on how to pull off stripes. I think they meant to say 'fab' instead of 'fat' anyway. Let's just chalk that up to a typo, shall we? General rule of thumb: Wide stripes add curves and narrow stripes make you look slimmer. See? Easy.

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It's Black. It's White.

H&M's super gorge, super graphic Spring 2013 Campaign - photo H&M

Originally posted in The CLOSET

I remember it well.  Toronto Fashion Week, Fall 2012 (my powers of recollection are staggering) and the editors, bloggers and remaining fashion flock were rocking their finery in front of the wind-blown tents at David Pecaut Square.  Girls in neon short shorts, sky high heels and super bold frocks and of course, the too-cool-for-school editrixes in their bright coats, flat brogues and crazy expensive shades.  As always, it was a rainbow of notice-me hues as the peacocks (myself included I'll admit) tried to get captured by the street style paps. 

Then out she walked.  A blonde, bobbed 20-something.  Stark black and white striped pants, a black sweater and red lips.  Simple, cool, in a throw-back Mary Quant meets Taylor Tomasi Hill kinda way.  And while the bloggers all backflipped their way around the windy square,  she simply stood there and waited.  And the mesmerized photographers all circled the girl, lured to her like moths to a super fierce flame. 

As much as I love colour, black & white can be equally striking.  Whether you opt for graphic stripes, checks, polka-dots or fearlessly wear them all together, nothing looks more modern, more right, right now.

Check out some of my fave black & white finds in stores now - a perfecly seasonless way to get a jump on spring (no backflips required) x

Studded Barrel Bag, $50, ALDO

Stripe Chiffon Shirt, $29.90, Garage

Statement Ring, $6.95, H&M

Slim-Fit Printed Trousers, $24.95, H&M

Python Print Sneakers, $29.95, H&M

Ponte Knit Stripe Dress, $79.95, Le Château

Faux Leather Tote, $49.95, H&M

Graphic Striped Top, $14.95, H&M

Printed Trousers, $49.95, H&M

Legacy Leather Tanner Tote, $498, Coach

Striped Knit Moto Jacket, $69.95, Gap

Leather Crossbody Bag, $69, Danier

Houndstooth Pointy Toe Pump, $39.99, Le Château


Printed Chiffon Blouse, $24.99, Smart Set

NIXON The Rubber Player Watch, $199.99, Boathouse

Printed Scarf, $14.95, H&M

Zipper Tote Quilted Box, $398, Roots

Renee Top, $79.50, Club Monaco 


Stripe It Up

Stripe Skirt, $110, Banana Republic

Though I've resolved to stay on budget this year (especially when it comes to shopping) this striped beauty from Banana Republic is definitely on my radar. It's so totally Marc Jacobs/Michael Kors/Balmain/Dolce & Gabbana (everyone's doing bold stripes for Spring '13) and will become my graphic go-to from now until summer.  Read between the lines (I'm not making it that tough): I WANT.