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Erickson Beamon for Club Monaco

Remember those crazy cool headpieces worn by Madge, Nicki Minaj and M.I.A at the Super Bowl?  The jewel-encrusted beauties were the work of Erickson Beamon, the go-to jeweler for A-listers everywhere, including Reese Witherspoon, Beyonce, Michelle Obama and even Lady Gaga. I've always loved the brand's vintage meets rockstar designs, so I'm beyond excited about the new partnership w Club Monaco.  Since we're currently on a strict household budget (and I feel guilty even thinking in robin's egg blue), this ring is totally going on my Christmas wish list this year.  The ring, necklace and earrings range between $130 and $225 and will add the perfect amount of sparkle to your upcoming holiday fêtes. Love!

Add them to your list, or, if you just can't wait, treat yourself now at Club Monaco

Erickson Beamon Ring, $129.50, Club Monaco


Ice, Ice, Baby

An editrix loads up on accessories at the Milan S/S 2013 shows - photo via show & tell me

Originally posted in The LOOK

As Rachel Zoe says, "An outfit is nothing without accessories. I don't get dressed without them!"  Let's analyze that. So, if Rachel Zoe were to be believed, then if someone took all of her accessories away while she was sleeping (ie. a burglar or perhaps a wily raccoon) the next day would be a total write-off.  I mean, she would rather go naked, stay in bed all day, and call off every meeting if she didn't have the earrings, the shades, the sparkle to help her get on with her day.  Call them the finishing touches, the icing on the cake or the Michelle to your Obama, but no good outfit is ever really complete without rockin' accessories.  And though I will get dressed without them, I'd rather not.  I mean, seriously, where's the fun in that?

Now comes the tricky part.  How do you ice yourself without looking like a Vegas showgirl?  Simply follow these tips for accessory nirvana:

  • MATCH YOUR MOOD: Instead of trying to match colours, choose pieces that reflect the mood or tone of your look.  So, try a chunky heel with an oversized bag, or a refined pair of python gloves with pointy-toed pumps.
  • OPPOSITES ATTRACT: On the other hand, you can play with opposites to either tone down or edge up a look.  Want to take some of the too-too sweetness out of a floral dress?   Edge it up with a wide statement belt or studded pumps.
  • MAKE A STATEMENT: Love your eyes?  Use earrings or a statement necklace to draw attention to your face (and conversely, away from hips, a tummy or any areas you want to minimize).  
  • PICK & CHOOSE Did that necklace come with a cute pair of matching earrings?  The general rule is that if you've got a great statement necklace, keep your lobes bare.  Amazing chandelier earrings? Leave the necklace at home.  How about a busy neckline on a sweater or dress?  Try wearing a great stack of bracelets or oversized ring instead of a necklace or earrings.  So many women feel the need to wear a bracelet, necklace, earrings & a belt and the message gets completely lost in the process.   Choose 2 (max) and load up.
  • BIGGER IS (usually) BETTER Go big or go home. Instead of a single bangle or bracelet, mix and match to your heart's content for major impact.  
  • ADD SHINE  Metallics always add interest to your outfit and a little goes a long way.  If your outfit has yellow undertones, try gold jewels (real or costume..I won't judge) to enhance your look, even if you're not a 'gold person'.  You'll be amazed by how quickly you'll convert. With grey undertones, go for silver pieces to add shine. 

Check out some of my fav new fall accessories for work, after-dark and the weekend.  Speaking of which...Happy Friday!  Time to play! x

(Accessories from American EagleALDOArdeneLe ChâteauVivah


PS - Made for toiletries, but makes a great holder for your rings, bracelets & earrings.  Danielle Acrylic Organizer, $16.99, Sears


You Know What You Need?


You need a fashion shower.  Que???  Check out Anna Dello Russo in this new video for H&M. Her OTT accessory collection hits H&M stores Oct 4th.  Lesson #1:  Don't miss it.  And just to recap, here are ADR's fashion lessons to live by:


1) Fashion is a declaration of your own freedom

2) Between style and fashion?  Absolutely fashion.

3) Fashion is always uncomfortable.  If you feel comfortable, you never get the look.

4) Fabulous at EVERY age.

5) Wearing night clothes in the daytime is unexpected.

6) Somebody wearing your same outfit?  Wonderful! You made the right choice.

7) You must wear outfit ONCE!

8) Wear a coat as a dress.

9) It doesn't matter the size of your body.  Fashion flatters everybody.

10) Fashion jewels personalize your style.

First person to tell me Anna Dello Russo's actual age wins a gift card to H&M.  It's really a toss-up in the crazy-fabulous competition.  

Karl or Anna?  Hmmm...I love them both so...


CIAO! X (Image and video courtesy H&M)



Brogue Gone Rogue


It's always a challenge to find a great-looking handbag at an equally great price but when I came across these new brogue handbags from Danier, I was instantly smitten.  The high-contrast totes (available in either white with black or black with white) are structured, swingy, and luxuriously ladylike, with dramatic black leather trim, perfect perforations, and brogue-esque tassels, guaranteed to add polish and panache to your warm-weather wardrobe.

Perhaps most irresistible of all, these 100% leather bags run from only $59 to $99 (I know...) and by wearing one, you'll support a great Canadian company.  Um, just consider it your good deed for the day...

A Shot of Cognac

See by Chloé Fall 2011 Lookbook - photo courtesy

Originally posted in The CLOSET

When it comes to the finer things in life, be it junk food, alcohol or parties, its always good to practise moderation.  As I found out the hard way when I binged on a tray of my roommate's baclava after doing too many shots of Killer Kool-Aid at a frat party, you can have too much of a good thing.   

Turns out the 'little goes a long way' mantra holds true with fashion,too.  Take cognac, for example:  the rich colour from head-to-toe could easily overwhelm, making you look like Zac Efron; the richness and strength of the hue calls for a more understated approach.  Just a dose of cognac in a shoe, bag or blazer is enough to add depth and warmth to any of your neutral fall pieces.  I'm in love with the styling at See by Chloé (French design house, Chloé's more affordable line).  The white, black, grey and camel separates might look a little safe (read:  boring) on their own but add a little cognac accent and the whole outfit gets ramped up to an entirely new level.  Like the shy dude who just needs a little shot of liquid courage to take the karaoke mic, every girl's (and guy's, for that matter) fall wardrobe would benefit from a little cognac accent.

Want a little taste?  Click on the thumbnails below to check out some decadent (but wonderfully affordable) cognac finds  (N.B - RLR does not endorse binge drinking, binge eating or binge partying...unless absolutely necessary) 

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